Emergency Food and Shelter Program Funding

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cape Girardeau County is eligible to receive federal funding for the Emergency Food and Shelter Program (EFSP). Last year $38,126 was awarded to the County for use in assisting individuals with housing, shelter and meals/food. The award was made by the National Board chaired by the Department of Homeland Security's Federal Emergency Management Agency and consisting of representatives from The Salvation Army, American Red Cross, United Jewish Communities, Catholic Charities, USA, National Council of Churches of Christ in the U.S.A. and United Way Worldwide.

A Local Board makes the funding decisions in Cape Girardeau County among the emergency food and shelter programs run by local social service organizations in the area. The Local Board consists of representatives from: the United Way of Southeast Missouri; Community Caring Council; American Red Cross; Catholic Charities; Area Agency on Aging: EMAA; United Jewish Communities, local food pantries, and the Cape Girardeau County Commissioners office.

The Emergency Food and Shelter Program's objectives are to allocate funds to the neediest areas; to ensure fast response; to foster public/private sector cooperation, to ensure local decision making and to maintain minimal, but accountable, reporting.

Public or private voluntary agencies interested in applying for Emergency Food and Shelter Program funding may contact John McGowan with the United Way of Southeast Missouri at 573-334-9634. Applications due March 31, 2011. Visit www.unitedwayofsemo.org/EFSP.aspx for more information.

Under the terms of the EFSP grant, local agencies chosen to receive funds must: 1) be not for profit or government organizations 2) utilize Generally Accepted Accounting Principles 3) practice nondiscrimination, 4) have demonstrated the ability to deliver emergency food and/or shelter programs, and 5) if they are a private voluntary organization, they must have an unpaid Board of Directors. Qualifying organizations are urged to apply.


How Are Emergency Food and Shelter Program Funds Used?

Program funds are used to provide the following, as determined by the Local Board in funded jurisdictions:

Food, in the form of served meals or groceries.

Lodging in a mass shelter or hotel.

One month's rent or mortgage payment.

One month's utility bill.

Minimal repairs to allow a mass feeding or sheltering facility to function during the program year.

Equipment necessary to feed or shelter people, up to a $300 limit per item.

For more information please visit http://www.efsp.unitedway.org/efsp/pages/about.htm

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