Speak Out 2/23/11

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

National debt

THERE is no way the national debt will ever get paid with the Republicans in charge. You can't keep paying fewer taxes and expect it to be paid. The middle class are paying the taxes. The rich are paying less all the time. In fact, there are millionaires who do not pay one dime with all the tax breaks they get. Greed is killing America.

Laws protect

IT makes no sense to me when people say that the ban on smoking is just more Big Government. Would we want to live in a country where there were no laws, where anyone could drive any speed or commit murder or rob you? Of course not. Laws are there to protect us, and secondhand smoke kills people every day.

Rate increase

I'D like to comment on Ameren and the company wanting a rate increase. Why would they want a rate increase when they make as much money as they make?

Pseudoephedrine laws

THE tracking system the Missouri Legislature passed to stop the sale of pseudoephedrine has not worked. They could have passed a bill to make all sales in Missouri to be behind the counter, but they haven't. They leave it up to each town to make the rules, and that just passes it on to another town, which sooner or later has to do the same thing. If every town has to pass the law, it will take forever and never be stopped.

Sudafed prescriptions

IF you think your doctor can phone in a prescription for you to your pharmacy for Sudafed, you are wrong. Because of the way the law was written, you need a written prescription from your doctor or your doctor can fax a prescription to your pharmacy. Your doctor cannot call in a prescription for you.

Confederate flag

A recent story in the Southeast Missourian said in one place that a juvenile was "waving" a Confederate flag while driving. In a subsequent paragraph, it said the person had a flag in the back of their truck. There's a big difference between the two. Since when is it illegal to wave or have a Confederate flag?

GOP solution

THE Social Security financial condition is getting worse faster than projections originally said it would. The Republican solution: Decrease the FICA payroll tax rate effective Jan 1, 2011.

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