Speak Out 2/22/11

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

All good things ...

IT is sad to see that the Capaha Park pool is going to be torn down, but I realize it's old and that all good things must come to an end. Something that would be nice is if Capaha Park would put in more pavilions for people to picnic at and also to construct nicer play areas for the children.

Be fair

ENOUGH about smoking. What about drinking? Drunken drivers kill. Let's get that in there, too. Be fair.

Snow removal

THE city of Jackson does a very poor job during snowstorms. They do not take care of the streets. Nothing is even done in the most heavily traveled area of town. This has been going on for years. Wish they would do as good a job as the city of Cape Girardeau does.

Vehicles in yards

WHILE driving through the north end of Jackson along Greensferry Road, I couldn't help but notice all the fine homes. But why is it that people pull up and park their vehicles and trailers in their front yard?

Great article

I enjoy TBY, and I especially enjoyed a recent article titled "A Special One," by Dolly Dambach. Thank you, Dolly, for reminding us to count our blessings.

Smoking comparison

HAVING a smoking section in a restaurant is like having a bathroom section in a pool.

Tele-town hall

I don't appreciate getting these robo-calls about town hall meetings scheduled by congresswoman Jo Ann Emerson and being asked to participate. They put you on hold and then they come back on after a half-hour or hour and tell you that they're finished. This has happened twice to me and I don't appreciate it. My time is precious, too. So they need to think of another way.

History revisionist

GENE Lyons' columns continue to make me laugh, especially the one recently on Ronald Reagan. Gene obviously knows how great a president Reagan was, and he is doing his best to be a history revisionist. It won't work.

Workplace etiquette

PLEASE don't talk incessantly at work about your pregnancy if you are working with someone who has had a miscarriage recently.

Thank you

THANKS to the lady at the Jackson Arby's for finding my bracelet recently. You are a very nice person for turning it in. This was a gift from my husband. Thank you again for being so gracious.

Smoking conclusion

IF you don't like the smoking in a particular restaurant, your choice is simple -- don't go in. Quit stepping on the rights of others.

Insurance debate

THERE is a huge difference between mandated auto insurance and mandated health insurance. The mandated health insurance requires that people have health insurance on themselves. My health is my business, and how I pay my medical bills -- either with money from my own account or through insurance -- is my business. The only government mandated auto insurance is liability insurance, so that if I hurt someone else my insurance will pay for any damage that I caused them. Two totally different scenarios.

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