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Friday, February 18, 2011

We've all done it.

You drive down Broadway at the speed limit or just below it in the hopes of catching the message on the Burritoville sign.

Sometimes they're useful. I found out the fish tacos were back a few weeks ago thanks to that sign.

Mostly, though, they're amusing -- like the short and sweet "Good luck this year. You'll need it" or the classic Burritology course list.

Kris Baranovic has been the man behind the messages for more than three years. He has taken inspiration from classic movies like "Ghostbusters," done holiday themes and gone completely rogue with thoughts from nowhere.

Now, he's opening it up for suggestions. Barney -- as he's mostly known -- has used quips from other people before, but it's usually in conversations or overheard comments.

With the help of SE Live on Twitter, you can suggest a saying for Barney to put on the board. Just mention @selive in your tweet. Putting it at the beginning works best, but you can include it at the end or work it into the comment if you'd like.

Each month, we'll pick out the best tweet of the bunch and put the phrase on the billboard. SE Live will also tweet the winning slogan. Follow @selive at to see the winner and maybe some semifinalists, too.

The person who pens the adage that makes the board will win a free burrito.

Grab that smart phone or head to the nearest computer and start tweeting. Just don't forget to mention @selive and to follow us for entertainment news and updates on the contest.

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