Power to be cut to Jackson neighborhood for repairs today

Tuesday, February 15, 2011 ~ Updated 3:57 PM

About 70 homes along the section of Old Cape Road in Jackson affected by Monday's power outage can expect a temporary disruption this afternoon, as well.

Jackson city administrator Jim Roach said crews will turn off the power in the area as they complete work to lines. While he didn't know exactly when the power would be disrupted, he said it should only be down about an hour.

Roach said there wasn't any new information regarding Monday's outage, but he estimates the price tag to the city will be "fairly substantial."

A malfunction in an underground electrical line shortly Monday afternoon disrupted power and affected water and natural gas lines leading to an entire neighborhood, resulting in an evacuation along Old Cape Road.

Pertinent address:

Old Cape Road, Jackson, MO

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