Speak Out 2/15/11

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Global cooling

METEOROLOGISTS who actually study weather patterns know that the earth is now entering a 20-year period of global cooling. Beginning in the winter of 2013, we here in the Midwest will experience those wild winters that our grandparents lived through. Utility companies will be challenged to provide enough energy to heat our homes. At the same time the Obama administration and the EPA are working to shut down our coal and oil-fired electric plants.

This is America

IF you don't like smoke, then don't go to a place that has smoke. I own a small business, and there's no way they will tell me, in my business, that me and my customers can't smoke. This is America.


IGNORANT people never learn. Even though they're warned of the dangers of driving while using cell phones or driving in icy, blizzard conditions, they just have to learn that when they choose a behavior, they choose the consequences.


OVER the past 30 years, per capita wages in right-to-work states have risen 23 percent higher than in non-right-to-work states. In fact, the states that are teetering on the brink of economic collapse, namely California, Illinois, Michigan and New York, are all heavily unionized with both people and jobs leaving.

Happy medium

WHY do some say that uniforms won't change anything? We wouldn't be having these conversations if the dress codes were proven to be satisfactory. I feel sorry for the 75 percent of students whose self-esteem is damaged by the peer pressure of the "well-dressed" crowds at school. I like the idea of uniform shirts only, as it may be the happy medium we're all searching for.

Drug testing bill

I was reading the article on the drug testing bill and couldn't believe how upset I felt after I read it. I am a teacher. I work with children everyday. I see what children of poverty go through. I also see the poor choices many parents choose to make. I don't see why drug testing for TANF benefits is such a bad idea.

Probation for parents

IF a parent has such a problem with drugs that they are addicted and can't quit, should they have full power to make decisions as to their child's welfare? Taking away TANF money from parents who test positive doesn't mean you are punishing the children. Those children are already being punished. I don't think simply taking the money is the answer. If the parent is in a program and is trying to quit and get their life back in order to become a better parent, then the state should support that. Criminals are offered probation. Why not parents, too?

Government intrusion

MICHELE Obama is going to pressure the restaurants to serve us smaller helpings and to put healthy things on the children's menus. Wow. Is there any area of our lives where the Obamas and their well-intentioned liberal friends are not going to intrude and tell us how to live?

Disturbing action

THE decision by the Jackson aldermen to deny a special-use-permit for an in-home massage business is disturbing. Why in the world would two extra cars in a driveway be a problem? Mrs. Wischmann is a respectable lady and has contributed much to the Jackson community. I hope none of the neighbors ever have a social event that involves more than two families. Are we hampering people from trying to support themselves by doing an honest day's work?

Insurance debate

IT is strange that people are all up in arms because we have a health care bill mandating insurance coverage, saying it's unconstitutional. But it's OK if states mandate that we have auto insurance.

More respect

PLEASE, let's make it mandatory for people who are asked to sing the Star Spangled Banner at public functions, to sing it the way it was written. The rendition at the Super Bowl was horrible. It is our national anthem. More respect should be shown when artist's are asked to perform it.


THE Obama health care law is unconstitutional. You cannot make an American purchase anything. It's against the law and unconstitutional.

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