Speak Out 2/14/11

Monday, February 14, 2011

Unaware smokers

WHAT if I, as a non-smoker, quit eating at restaurants where they allow smoking? What if all my non-smoking friends join me? Wouldn't that be just as detrimental to restaurant owners as losing all the smokers? The problem is that a great deal of smokers seem unaware of how obtrusive their cigarette smoke is.

Drug testing

I think it is a good idea for drug testing in order to get TANF benefits. It's sure not going to hurt the children. If the parents are on drugs, the children are probably not getting what they should have anyway. This way someone will see to it that they will get help.

Global warming scam

WITH all the recent snow storms and cold weather, this should put to an end the talk about global warming. Or would some have us believe we have to go through an ice age first. Global warning is nothing but a money making scam and something to make the far left happy.

Drug test politicians

I believe welfare recipients should be drug tested in order to qualify to receive tax-dollar-funded aid. I also believe that our politicians should be drug tested, as they, too, receive tax dollars. They should be tested when they announce their candidacy, when they win their election and randomly while in office.

Mideast turmoil

LAST Sunday's editorial cartoon depicted President Obama saying, "We side with freedom in the Mideast," with a list of exceptions. I believe the cartoonist forgot to add in the faces of Reagan, along with Bush Sr., Clinton and George W. Bush, as Mubarak has been around for about 30 years and none of those presidents seem to have had any problem with him being in power, Republican or Democrat.

Oil fiasco

THANK you, federal government for killing off our domestic production of oil and increasing our reliance on foreign sources of oil, including a significant portion from the Middle East. The strategic vision of our leaders will only result in higher costs for all. I can't wait to pay $20 for a gallon of milk and $10 for a loaf of bread.

School closings

IT'S amazing that many schools cancel school based on the threat of snow rather than actual accumulation of precipitation. Could this be the reason many children lag behind their peers? One to two inches of snow is not worth closing down the entire town.

Limbaugh's diatribe

MAYBE I'm wrong, but I don't think David Limbaugh will garner too much support for his diatribe defending Bristol Palin's right to receive $20,000 to speak at a university on the topic of, believe it or not, sexual responsibility.

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