Letter to the Editor

Clear the air

Monday, February 14, 2011

Your recent article on the Smoke-Free Cape campaign failed to recognize that the American Cancer Society is an organization with a vital and meaningful presence in Cape Girardeau. As a recent breast cancer survivor, I know first-hand that when you've just been told you have cancer, there is no better place to turn.

In the past year, the Society offered 877 tangible services for cancer patients in the Cape Girardeau community, such as temporary housing for patients who must travel for treatment (including 141 nights at our Hope Lodge facilities); transportation for patients to get to treatment; support groups for patients and their families; free personal care items such as wigs and turbans; a gas reimbursement program for patients who travel more than 50 miles for treatments; information available 24 hours a day; support for quitting smoking; funding of cancer research; and access to clinical trials.

In addition to these lifesaving programs and services, the American Cancer Society is truly making a difference by working to protect the public and employees from the proven health hazards of secondhand smoke. The American Cancer Society has a long tradition of service to Cape Girardeau, and I am proud to be part of this health campaign that will benefit all of our citizens.

As a cancer survivor and volunteer, I urge our community to support Smoke-Free Cape and clear the air for everyone.

PRISCILLA MABUCE, American Cancer Society Hero of Hope -- 2011, Cape Girardeau