Letter to the Editor

Purcell's cost to county

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Recently the Cape Girardeau County Commission held its budget meeting. I could not help but notice that several items budgeted could have been mostly paid for by Commissioner Jay Purcell's frivolous lawsuit of 2010.

To refresh everyone's memory, Mr. Purcell incurred legal costs of $26,350 to the county by suing himself and losing three times in state courts. Instead of taking the high moral road and paying the bill himself, he has decided to place this burden on the taxpayers.

Tight government budgets call for frugal measures. Here are some examples of wiser spending. The 2.5 percent COLA for county employees could have been reduced to just $37,100. Purcell could have paid for over half the bill for the roof replacement at the courthouse. He could have paid most of the bill for the painting and caulking repair at the administration building. He could have paid for over half the repair bill to the damaged excavator. Finally, his legal bill could have paid for all but $65,000 for the North Park lake repair.

Just some thoughts to keep in mind for 2012.