New Madrid Pioneer plant construction 'reshaping the landscape'

Wednesday, February 2, 2011
Workers at the new Pioneer Seed Plant prepare to put steel in place for the warehouse. Pioneer officials said the plant, located on U.S. 61, north of New Madrid, is on schedule to be completed by September. (Jill Bock/Standard Democrat)

Standard Democrat

NEW MADRID, Mo. -- The advertisement for Pioneer's brand Y Series soybeans touts it is "ReshapYing the Landscape."

Yet, in New Madrid County, it is Pioneer's newest soybean production plant going up along U.S. 61 that is reshaping the landscape. The plant site will cover 40 acres of former farmland.

Since last summer, machinery and workmen have pushed dirt, hauled equipment and begun erecting the buildings that will make up the plant. More than 100 workers are busy on the job site, which even includes its own concrete production facility.

Already nearing completion is the office, while more than half of the warehouse structure is up, according to Nathan Bengston, plant manager. The structures are in place for storage buildings and bins.

"We should be completely operational this fall," said Bengston. "We think we are right on track to finish in September."

When completed, Bengston said, the plant will be one of the largest in the company, if not the largest. The 200,000-square-foot plant will provide soybean seeds for farmers throughout the Midwest.

While the construction continues, Bengston is also beginning the hiring process for the new plant, which will eventually have 50 full-time employees. The first employees are undergoing their initial training with Pioneer and Bengston said others are relocating from other Pioneer plants. More hiring will be completed from those who apply for jobs at as the summer nears, he said.

Also ongoing is the company's effort to contract with local growers to produce seed for the plant.

From his temporary office at the plant site, Bengston watches as the work progresses and he said he looks forward to getting the plant up and running, adding: "This will be something pretty special for Southeast Missouri."

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