Speak Out 1/28/11

Friday, January 28, 2011

Palin's message

THOSE on the left do not like Sarah Palin's message, and I agree with them. And I'm a conservative. I'm on the right, and I don't like Sarah Palin's message.

Drug testing

DRUG testing will benefit all involved. It will shine a light on the children who are supposed to be benefiting from food stamps. If the parent is on drugs, you can be sure it's money they want, not food. Someone needs to speak up for these children.

Thank you

I want to thank a very special paper carrier named Jeremy for putting my paper in front of my door. It really means a lot to me.

Pay it forward

Thank you to the couple at the Chinese restaurant in Jackson for paying for the meals of a family of six. That was very thoughtful. We will definitely pay it forward.

Health care costs

IF I go to the emergency room for care, they have to treat me. If there are six people waiting with me and I am the only one who has been paying insurance premiums, guess who pays for all the care? If all had insurance, some call it Obamacare, your premium and cost at hospitals would be six times less.

Drug testing

IF I have to have a drug test to keep my job and support my family, then anyone getting free money should have to be tested also.

Quit smoking

I quit smoking six years ago. Recently I was diagnosed with COPD. Stop complaining about the smoking laws and just quit. Millions of people have done it, and you can, too.

Freedom to smoke

I agree that those who fought in Vietnam did so in order to protect our freedom to smoke cigarettes.

Blaming others

STOP blaming others for the actions of one individual. Jared Loughner shot those people. He alone is responsible. We teach children that they are responsible for their own actions. Should we now teach them that if they break the law they should start blaming their parents, teachers, peers, music and video games?

Health care reform

THANK you, President Obama, for health care reform. I and at least seven other people I know have pre-existing conditions that previously prohibited the purchase of health insurance.

Smoking ban

I can't vote yet, but I agree with the smoking ban. Smoking is deadly and when people smoke around you, it can affect your health.

Drug testing needed

PEOPLE need an incentive to get off drugs and look for work. If all one has to do is cash a check, they will remain on the couch. Drug testing would be the incentive that they need.

Great dinner

I attended the Martin Luther King Jr. celebration recently, and I want to thank Cindy Hawk and her Chartwells' staff at the university. They put on a wonderful dinner and the service couldn't have been better.

Parents unite

TWO things teenagers do very well is lie and drive a wedge between their parents. Parents need to unite. Someday little Johnny will be gone and so will your marriage.

Horrifying prospect

PASS or fail, the smoking ban proposal is a horrifying prospect. Not all issues should be voted on. It doesn't matter if 51 percent of the voting populace wants a restaurant to be smoke free; it only matters if the owner of the restaurant wants it to be smoke free.

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