Amy Lorenz-Moser

Friday, January 28, 2011

It's a wonderful thing to see individuals selflessly use their talents to help others. And that's exactly what Amy Lorenz-Moser does on a regular basis.

Lorenz-Moser, a Jackson High School and University of Missouri graduate, has been on a mission since her college years to help battered women.

While a music major at Webster University, Lorenz-Moser saw a line cook be beaten by her significant other. Her compassion for the battered women led her to pursue a career in law.

Lorenz-Moser, a product liability lawyer in St. Louis, has since fought for the release of 11 Missouri women, victims of domestic abuse serving disproportionate sentences for murder.

For her pro bono work representing these individuals, Lorenz-Moser was recently honored as the Missouri Lawyers Weekly 2010 Lawyer of the Year.

Public service is not a term just reserved for the work of elected officials. The noble efforts of Amy Lorenz-Moser are a reminder they we can all use our talents in some way to help those in need.

Congratulations, Amy Lorenz-Moser, for your recent recognition. Your commitment to victims of domestic abuse is a blessing to many. And thank you to all those who support victims of domestic abuse.

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