Speak Out 1/25/11

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Smoking sickness

I went out Saturday night to a private club and then downtown to hear a band. The next day my lungs were wheezing and my ears were draining from the smoke. I cannot go out anymore because of my severe allergies to smoke. You smokers really don't know how sick your smoke makes us.

Workload passed on

OVER the past several years Congress has pushed more and more onto the states to take care of. However, it seems like with less money going out to take care of the things they passed down to the states, they gave themselves raises, great health care and a lavish pension.

Mailing meth

WITH all the heightened security at the airports, would you be as surprised as I am to know that you can receive illegal drugs (meth) through the mail? How about some "heightened security" at the post office? Drugs are every bit as much a danger to us as the things people are being screened for every day at our airports. Yet meth can be mailed, undetected, from California to Missouri. How can this be?

Dupnik no hero

PIMA County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik was the hero after the Tucson shootings? Please, Sam Blackwell, get realistic and learn the facts. This guy was the only person to possibly prevent this tragedy. The congresswoman's office had been vandalized in the months leading up to the shooting, and one would think the sheriff would put at least one officer at that event.

Smoking right?

CAN someone please show me where any law in the U.S. gives someone a right to smoke?

Be prepared

AS someone who came from a town in the north of less than 3,000 people, I am saddened that a few inches of snow here gets students out of school. It takes ice plus about six more inches for my school to cancel. Even then it is only a day at most. The "blizzard" of 1993 had the schools here shut down for a week. I was out for two days. People need to be prepared for winter weather, this includes the city workers and schools.


WE already have right-to-work in Missouri as far as Congress goes. They don't pay any dues. The people of Missouri pay their dues for them. They reap the benefits of a high salary, health insurance and a pension. Also, they only go to work whenever they decide not to go campaigning.

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