Letter to the Editor

Free speech for all

Monday, January 24, 2011

Having read a recent Speak Out comment concerning free speech, I was totally dumbfounded by the one-sidedness of the idea that the First Amendment is only for liberals and not for conservatives.

Since when was the First Amendment only intended to protect liberal speech and not conservative speech? Who in the world wrote such shuck and jive narrow-mindedness? Saul Alinsky? The ACLU? George McGovern?

To say that the First Amendment only protects the left means that the hardcore left wing media and their cabal have the right to maliciously slam conservatives, but that no conservative has any right to speak out whatsoever, is to insult the Founders' vision of what America is about.

If the Founders were to hear such nonsense, they would tell this individual to go back and read the Constitution again. I suggest this individual do that, to read the entire Constitution, especially the First Amendment.

TONY REDDICK, Chaffee, Mo.