Why Proposition B Must Be Repealed

Friday, January 7, 2011
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Why Missouri Proposition B must be repealed or Fixed

By Joe Overlease

President of the Professional Kennel Club of Missouri

Proposition B was and still is a contested bill. Aside from the fact that it was one of the most masterfully managed campaigns designed to lie and fool the voting public of the State of Missouri. The following facts remain and must be attended to within the bill or repeal all of it, in its entirety.

Missourians are known for being Christian and honest hard working people who do not like being lied to or do we as a state like for people to say bad things about us or our neighbors.

In breaking the bill down, after review with several constitutional lawyers they all agree it violates the basic rights of all Americans and the citizens of the State of Missouri. As an example it creates classes of people who the law applies to and classes of people the law does not apply to. (Big Problem)

The Civil Rights act of 1964 clearly defined the state nor federal Government is "Not" allowed to make laws to punish or deny individuals of race creed etc of their rights guaranteed by the Constitution. "Can you imagine the billions of dollars it will cost the state of Missouri defend itself from this law that promotes bigots?"

The State of Missouri does not wish to return to those days, we do not support laws written with the intent to return us to the days of the Jim Crow laws.

The law defines a lower standard of care for the dogs and places the dogs in eminent danger of death if followed. But of course one must remember this bill was crafted by the Humane Societies, who collectively slaughter more animals yearly than anyone worldwide. These people (the Humane Societies and ASPCA thugs) do not raise sweet lovely puppies; they catch dogs and cats and then kill them. It never ceases to amaze us why anyone would support the likes of these people, but you cannot fault the followers their leaders, are masters of deceit.

The bill is of full of poorly unenforceable caveats and does nothing for funding, enforcement or does it do anything to improve the well being of animals in illegal facilities. The only people affected by this mean spirited law are the very people who already follow the law. It (Prop B) is a punitive law, not a beneficial law as it is written.

As an example, if you have a dog or cat I am sure you will already know about this. A dog or cat will from time to time drop food into its water bowl. According to this law a piece of food in a water dish would be a misdemeanor, if you go to the next pen and find another piece of food then it is another charge if they find another infraction of any kind. The owner will face time in jail. How about that? The bill is impossible to comply with, not only with this example but throughout the entire thing.

We in Missouri have allowed out of state interests to define us. Missouri breeders are not monsters nor do we live in what the out of state Animal Rights people call the Puppy Mill Capital.

Here is a fact that has seemed to escape the people, Missouri has been and was the first state in the world to have license and inspections in Animal breeding facilities. The Animal rights people have lied repeatedly about Missouri. Do we have sub standard facilities closed from time to time? Yes of course we do, the question goes unanswered as to why? The reason these places are discovered and closed is because the Missouri Department of Agriculture has been doing their job for years. We should be very proud of this as it demonstrates we "Missourians" hold ourselves to higher standards than any place in the world and our state employees do a good job.

State policy prevents the State Employees from getting involved in political debates concerning the performance of respective state departments. The truth is the Department has increased its number of inspections significantly each year over the prior year for the past 6 or 7 years. While only 30 percent of the facilities being inspected actually have paid as the commercial breeders have. The biggest violators of the Missouri Animal Welfare act and those refusing to come into compliance have been the very organizations who have exempted themselves from this bill.

Missouri is not the Puppy Mill Capital, we have lead the world in standards, inspections and enforcement for almost twenty years. (And will continue to do so in the future.)

Missouri breeders have helped design and develop the best facilities and systems to insure puppies are raised to be healthy, wonderful companion animals. We Missourians are the best at what do than anyone in the world. It is really no wonder why the Animal Right zealots do everything they can to discredit our state, our citizens and our hard working state employees.

Aside from being a lie, unfair, unconstitutional, paid for by people, (Animal Rights Zealots) from outside the state of Missouri and having it apply to the wrong people. Proposition B is a fine law.

This bill needs to be repealed promptly. Please send an email to your State Senator and Representative; let him or her know this is a bad bill for the People and Animals of Missouri.

Ms. Schmitz should be taught a lesson: "You can fool some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time."