Letter to the Editor

Legendary local family

Sunday, January 9, 2011

An end of a legendary family happened in East Cape Girardeau with the passing of the town's first lady, Bobbie Pearce (2010), wife of Bud Pearce (1995) and mother of David Pearce (2010).

If there ever was a first family of East Cape Girardeau, it was the Pearce family. They were first-class, loyal, helpful, cared about people and helped them far and away and never asked for any returns or favors.

They were friends to many and helped many in their time of need. They never judged people and didn't care if you were rich or poor. They were always there to help.

I am sure people remember the Purple Crackle Club with the famous Chinese food, the big bands, the piano bar and some of the bartenders.

The family helped so many with jobs, loans and just being there for them when times were hard. Maybe we should learn this trait.

Bud Pearce also formed East Cape. It was incorporated in 1975, and it made a dream come true for many people who were always loyal to the Pearces.

A piece of history is gone in East Cape, but the Pearce name will never be forgotten.

It was my pleasure and honor to have known them, associated with them, worked with them and call them close friends.

We will miss the Pearces, as a part of East Cape history has come to an end. Their name will live on.

JOE ADEN, McClure, Ill.