Letter to the Editor

Fashion trends

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fashion trends always amaze and stupefy me.

As my wife and I were shopping in Walmart the other day, I spied a woman walking through the store wearing Sponge Bob pajamas. I giggled like a third-grader and pulled my wife's shirt sleeve, pointing at the sight. She simply grinned and scolded me about staring and went about shopping.

Driving home I brought the lady in her PJs up, and my wife explained this was actually commonplace now. I am still amazed at young men wearing their pants down below their bottoms, and now a lady in PJs passes me in Walmart. Wow.

A few days later, at our granddaughter's school band concert, my attention was once again captured by a woman wearing pajamas.

Remember the old long johns that men wore years ago? They had a panel in the back, in an appropriate area, for easier access in the bathroom. Imagine some old man walking through a grade school wearing a pair of those flannel long handles. After all, folks did sleep in them.

We are what we wear, and we should consider the impression we make on our children and others when we take no pride in our appearance.

It is a matter of self respect and respecting those around you. Pajamas were not made for wearing in public.

Take the time to change in the morning, and put on decent clothes.

DAVID D. McNEELY, Scott City