Speak Out 1/7/11

Friday, January 7, 2011

Puppy mill legislation

I believe the puppy mill legislation is terrific. Unfortunately some people don't think of the animals, only their bottom line. If people would use common sense, there wouldn't have to be a puppy mill law.

Thank you

My mother used to say a friend is a friend indeed if they help you out in a time of need. I had emergency surgery early in December and knew I would not be able to work and unable to meet my monthly obligations. It looked pretty bleak, no Christmas and unpaid bills over my head. However due to the ingenuity, compassion and kindness of my friends and co-workers, money was raised, bills were paid and a nice, big Christmas dinner with all the trimmings was fixed.

Not sanitary

IN Speak Out recently, I read about the manners of people blowing noses, scratching body parts and so forth. I have a problem with waiters and waitresses wiping the tables, then the seats, back to swipe the table. I don't see this as very sanitary.

Obama's plan

OBAMA did not lower taxes. He merely made a deal with Republicans to extend the Bush cuts so that he could achieve his dream of three years' worth of unemployment benefits.

Smoke solution

IF you don't like going to a bar or restaurant that allows smoking, don't go. We don't need a law to "allow" businesses to be smoke-free. Tell the proprietor why you aren't coming back.

Something to think about

IF the ban on smoking passes in Cape Girardeau, will our law enforcement employees be subject to this? Just last week I saw a member of law enforcement smoking a cigarette and another smoking a cigar while driving patrol cars. Aren't the cars owned by the city?

Global warming

WHICH of the following statements prove global warming? A) The climate is getting warmer; B) The climate is getting colder; C) The climate is not changing; D) All of the above. Answer: D. Who can argue with that? Proponents of global warming accept any and all ideas if it moves their agenda forward.

New earmarking process

GOOD news for earmark advocates. Members of Congress have already found ways to get around the restrictions via a practice known as soft earmarking. I knew they'd do this. I just didn't think it would happen so quickly. I'm thrilled. Long live earmarks.

Respiratory problems

In the winter when wood-burning stoves and fireplaces are going full blast, the whole neighborhood is filled with wood smoke. On a still night the smoke seeps into houses. People probably breath hundreds of times the amount of wood smoke than secondhand cigarette smoke. Equal amounts of wood smoke can be just as harmful as secondhand cigarette smoke.

Cape dancing

IN response to the nonsmoking place to take one's wife dancing: Is there even a smoking place to go dancing in Cape Girardeau?

Driving lanes

DOES anyone remember what the inside lane of a four-lane road is for? It is for the faster vehicles. If you're driving slow, get in the right lane.

Barking dogs

WHAT kind of a world do we live in when your neighbors get mad and won't speak to you when you tell them their dog is barking all day and disturbing the whole neighborhood while they're at work?

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