Letter to the Editor

LIFE program has had huge impact

Friday, January 7, 2011

There was an article recently in the Southeast Missourian that highlighted the LIFE program, which stands for Leading and Inspiring Families to Excel. This is a program funded by the United Way to assist students who are at risk of failure.

The Cape Girardeau and Jackson school districts are very fortunate to benefit from this program.

In Cape Girardeau, middle school students benefit from the Cub-Club, an after school tutoring program. Cub-Club has been very successful in raising student test scores in math and communication arts. At the junior high, the LIFE program helps fund a character education program, The Leader in Me. This too has had a tremendous impact in student success.

In Jackson, the LIFE program is offered at all elementary buildings, the middle school and the junior high. There are currently more than 120 students benefiting from this program. Students participating in the LIFE program have an opportunity to get homework help, work on social skills and participate in activities to build self-confidence. The program has seen success by increases in attendance rates, grades and test scores. Teachers report a noticeable difference in the self-esteem of students participating in LIFE programs. Students enjoy the extra attention and the opportunity to build new friendships. This could not be achieved without the continued support of the United Way.

It takes the whole community working together to meet the needs of all students. We appreciate the efforts of the United Way to make a difference in our communities and schools.



Jackson School District, Jackson

JIM WELKER, superintendent,

Cape Girardeau School District, Cape Girardeau