Afternoon Tea for Young Ladies and Their Dolls

Two young ladies consider all their choices while shopping for doll clothes at the Caldonia Craft Fair in Illinois. Patches offers clothes for American Girl an other 18" dolls at local events and on-line.

Cairo Store Reinvents Itself

Patches is a small retail shop in what is left of downtown Cairo. The business began ten years ago as a Seeley Doll Studio and antique shop. There are still some antiques in the shop, and the owner, Pat Brey, still makes porcelain dolls. But the focus of the shop has changed.

Ms. Brey has always loved dolls. She started at the age of six making doll clothes with her grandmother. As she grew her love of dolls did also. She lived for three years in Germany as a child. Her favorite place to visit there was the "Puppen Klinic," or doll hospital. Her dream of owning a doll shop began there.

Now her dream is coming true. Ms. Brey takes old "sick" dolls and gives them new life. She makes unique doll clothes for both her old and new dolls. Patches boasts the largest collection of vintage and new doll furniture between St. Louis and Memphis.

But her biggest venture is making and selling clothes and accessories for 18" soft bodied dolls. These dolls are made by many companies, but the most famous dolls are the American Girl dolls started by Pleasant Company and now owned by Mattel.

Ms. Brey recently started an internet business, know as Patches Dolls. She is also offering "trunk parties." These parties are similar to other merchandise parties. The hostess earns points to use toward clothing/accessory purchases. The parties can also be planned as a fund raiser for school, churches, and other not-for-profit youth organizations. Ms. Brey also sells her doll clothes at local craft fairs.

On February 13, 2011 Patches will host an afternoon tea party for young guests, their mothers, and their dolls. Guests will enjoy tea, complete a craft to share with their dolls, and will have treats to take home with them. Mothers and daughters will be able to shop for new outfits or accessories for their dolls. Seating is very limited. To receive an invitation to the tea party, email or call 573-271-7280.

Ms Brey opens the shop in Cairo by appointment, but most of her business is now done by internet. To visit her web-store go to Ms Brey can be contacted by emailing or by phone 573-271-7280.