Outgoing Cape Girardeau County auditor 'very happy' with time in office

Monday, December 20, 2010

As he prepares to leave office after two terms, Cape Girardeau County Auditor David Ludwig said he has no regrets.

"I feel like I've had a good tenure in public office," he said. "I'm very happy. I'm ready to move on to something different."

Before taking office in 2003, Ludwig served as a Jackson alderman for 21 years.

Ludwig looks to the integration of updated technology into his and other county offices as one of his major accomplishments.

"I felt like that needed to be enhanced. We were running on outdated equipment and software. A lot of it wasn't being supported by larger companies," he said. "We needed to get more updated, the latest technology."

Ludwig said as the county refinanced bonds for the justice center in 2003, the lower interest rate freed up some money that allowed for the technology upgrade for his office, as well as other county departments. Even with the upgrades, he said the refinance ended up saving taxpayers $142,000.

He said the equipment and software purchased helped the county streamline its workload.

"We've really became more aware to try to eliminate a lot of duplication of work that was so prevalent when I first got here," he said.

He is also proud to have played a role in keeping expenses in check during the past seven years and maintaining the county's $5 million emergency fund.

In 2008 Ludwig came under fire for allegedly viewing and printing images of scantily clad women, including Pamela Anderson of the TV show "Baywatch." He declined to comment on the matter that had some in county government demanding his resignation.

He said he looks forward to retirement.

"I've got about a year's worth of projects around the house," he said. "I've got five grandkids, and I'm going to be very involved with them."

Ludwig, who did not seek re-election, will be replaced by Pete Frazier.



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