Speak Out 12/20/10

Monday, December 20, 2010

Smoking ban

STOP the smoking ban. Farmington, Mo., defeated the proposed ban on smoking, and the citizens of Cape Girardeau can, too. Most restaurants offer non-smoking seating. It's not always the best seating, but it is better than sitting in the smoking section. This is just another example of a few trying to change things for their liking.

Enough toxins

WE would be better off if everyone would stop smoking. We have enough toxins in the air without putting smoke in it as well. The toxins in the air, including cigarette smoke, cause heart and lung troubles. Our babies breathe this air, and we should want it to be clean for them.

Helping seniors

I see where the Senate blocked the bill on giving $250 to senior citizens. I think they better look into this insurance and senior citizen stuff and see if they can help the senior citizens instead of helping the rich.

Social spending

OTHER countries like Greece, France and Ireland are heavily in debt, and they're having to cut back on their social spending in order to reduce their debt. The United States is just as much in debt as those countries are. When is it that we're going to figure out that we have to cut our spending?


NAVI Pillay and the U.N. might say shame on American businesses for being mean to WikiLeaks, but Amazon, Visa and MasterCard need to stand their ground. I personally won't be doing business with them if they cave in to the cyberterrorists.

Enduring trials

A Speak Out comment said, "President Obama will endure during his time of trials and tribulations and take solace in the passage from Ecclesiastes, 'And I saw that wisdom surpasses folly as light surpasses darkness.'" The same is certainly true for those who voted against him, as well as the numerous people who voted for him and now regret doing so.

COLA needed

WE seniors and the disabled aren't asking for a bailout. We're asking for what we deserve, a cost-of-living raise in our Social Security for January. We haven't received a cost-of-living raise for the past two years, and everything is going up.

Helping people

THE people who need help are the people who lose their part-time jobs, can't draw unemployment and have no income at all.

Cell phone problems

EVERYONE in this city is concerned about smoking in public places, but we need to get back to other problems at hand, such as people talking on their cell phones and texting.

Private clubs

A smoking ban in Cape Girardeau won't affect me because I don't smoke. However, I am against a smoking ban in private clubs. Do some individuals actually propose to tell our war veterans at the VFW that they can't smoke at their own club that they built with their own money?

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