Speak Out 12/19/10

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Smoking section

I'M a smoker and I have tried many times to quit. My children are grown and now I would never smoke around them or my grandchildren because I know what it can do to them. I would not want them flying to see me on a plane that allows smoking. Sitting in a restaurant that allows smoking is the same thing. There's really no barrier to keep the smoke from the smoking section from going into everyone's lungs.

Thank you

I have the best person in the world that delivers my Southeast Missourian newspaper. All I have to do is raise the garage door and it's there to pick up. She is much appreciated.

The Bible cure

I'VE got something I call the "the Bible cure." Along with your cigarettes, place a Bible in your pocket. When you reach for your cigarettes, take out your Bible and read a verse. Soon you'll be laughing and praying everyday and praising God you threw those cigarettes away.

City ordinance

THOSE who made the choice to require a prescription for cold medications should be fired. Do you know how much that is going to cost the average person? Now they have to pay for a doctor visit, too.

Palin's children

SARAH Palin is off to Haiti. I wonder: Who is taking care of her young children still at home, especially her special needs baby? Parents of special needs children know all of the time and care that is necessary for these little ones to reach their potential.

Light show

WE just returned home from Kelso to see the Clarks' light show. It was magnificent to watch. A big thank you for providing this spectacular show for everyone.

Gambling addiction

ADDICTIVE gambling is no doubt a disease. Fortunately it is limited to a small percentage of people. Categorizing all casino patrons as addicts just doesn't line up with the facts.

Seek and find

I often read in Speak Out that there is nothing to do in Cape Girardeau. This is one of those things you have to seek out, and when you do you are richly rewarded for your effort.


WOW. Central High School's Madrigal was outstanding. Ms. Casey, the staff and students were excellent. The food from Celebrations was also great. The students have amazing voices.

Breakfast with Santa

THANK you, Cape Girardeau Parks and Recreation for another great "Breakfast with Santa." My grandchildren and I had a great time. I can see why the popularity of this event is growing every year.

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