Tax liens

Monday, December 20, 2010

Cape Girardeau County

Tax liens and lien discharges recorded at the office of Janet Robert, recorder of deeds, during the month of November are filed by the Missouri Department of Revenue, except as indicated by IRS designation. For more information, contact the recorder's office at (573) 243-8123.


Old Hickory Smoked Meats, IRS

Strategic Communication Group Inc., IRS (2)

Crites Drywall and Crites, Gregory L., IRS (3)

Crites, Gregory L.

Orlando & Co. and Wrice, Zeffelyn O., IRS

Best Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning, IRS

Wildhaber, Robert E., IRS (2)

Wildhaber, Robert E.

Stanley, Sharon A., IRS

Wilhite, Andrew J., IRS

Cape Girardeau Brewing Co. and Sprigg, Mark K., IRS

Withers Broadcasting Co. of Missouri, IRS

Kistner, Mary M., IRS

Weissmueller, Bill, IRS

Brown, Eric, IRS

Brown, Eric

New Millinium Barber & Hairstyling, IRS

Barklage, David W., IRS

Lewis, Karen S., IRS (2)

JGH Enterprises Inc., IRS

Ram Power Environmental Services Inc., IRS

Delta Express Inc., IRS

Schaefer, Richard, IRS

Allen, Kerry A., IRS

Borgfield, Anthony C., IRS

Schott & Associates, IRS

Johnson, James W. and Janice N., IRS

Mollie's, IRS

Claar, Walter S., IRS

Kaczmarek, Carol Lynn M., IRS

Elite Development, IRS

Adams, Christal G.

Avant, Betty J.

Batley, Ray

Beard, Kathy L.


Brandon, Christopher I.

Brotherton, Benjamin J.

Buck, Patrick

Buck, Tamara Z.

Chakonda, Mollen

Chidester, Melvin R. (2)

Clover, Carol W.

Colon, Dorotha R.

Durham, Lana A.

Fullenwider, James E.

Gerard's of Cape

Hankins, Jeffry

The Health 4 Wealth Corp.

Henry, Palmi J.

Jackson, Mark

Mac's Smokehouse Inc.

Magee, Sean

Martin, Debra A.

Network US Inc.

Petzoldt, Debra D.

Platz, Marty

Roy's Tire & Auto Inc.

Schrum, Shelly L.

Session, Curtis A. Sr.

Sinn Mechanical Service Inc.

Steers, Krissty

Tip 'N Ring Communications Inc.

Vashland Game Supply Inc.

Wyman, John P.

Bird, Calvin E. and Carolyn F.

Earley, Camaron M.

Gantt, David W. and Mary E.

Geiser, Jody R.

Powell, Patti J.

Scott, Marvin J. and Sharon R.

Stoops, David A. and Paula F.

Thies, David T.

Steel Concepts Inc.

Anchor Construction Group Inc.

Americana Companies Inc.

Eniva Corp.

Otto, William H.

Penfield, Joshua R.

Wehrle, Melinda S.

Brown, Sheila J. and Terry D.

Farris, Fred C.

Frazier, Daniel M.

Keller, Peggy E.

Kennemore, Nancy L.

Ludolph, David J.

McCoyne, Steve J.

Mills, Catherine E. and Stephen A.

Naeter, Fred W.

Nelson, Steven D.

Scarpaci, Roger J. and Teresa

Watson, Richard

Lange, Randy

Mitchell, Gordon C.

Monroe Enterclean Inc.

Precision Painting Inc.

Schrader & Erbst Inc.

Acevedo, Camilo H.

Aldredge, Patrick J.

Bollinger, Rosa M.

Gaston, Donald R.

Green, Jerry D.

Henderson, Chris A.

Johnson, David A.

Johnson, James W. and Janice N.

Logsdon, Mike

Maclin, Jerome

Mathes, Emily K. and Michael R.

Monan, Colin B.

Moseley, Kerry D.

Nenninger, Roger P.

Persson, Sean G.

Smith, Keith W.

Woodard, Bobbie A.

Wren, Margaret J. and Robert C.

Demopoulos, Autumn

Electronic Information & Co.

Kessinger Specific Chiropractic

Premium Industries Inc.

Cass, Clayton L.

Francis, Michael

Golden, Leeann N.

Hull, Janice R.

McCalip, Heather L.

Nichols, Michelle L. and Stacy A.

Pedersen, Alicia M.

Smith, Brook M. and Leslie A.

Thiele, Jeffrey and Shawna M.

Wickham, Brad S.

Zepeda, Israel

California Homes Inc.

Kyowa America Inc. and Subsidiaries

Midwest Construction Co.

Poole, Loyce M.

River City Imaging (2)

Storder, Daniel E.

Blackman, Christopher B.

Jones, Ada J. and Willie C.

Keesee, Jason E. and Kathryn S.

McDuffy, Christine A. and Shannon J.

Peirce, Joseph R.

Strohmeyer, Gerry F. and Joan F.

Wallace, David B.

B Tan Tanning Salon Inc.

Hathaway, Shannon L.

Ibes of America Inc.

Progressive Dental Expressions

Rhema Word Breakthrough International Ministries

Seilo Inc.


Anderson, Sharon K., IRS

Erbst Inc. and Truegreen Chemlawn, IRS

Yee, Jia C., IRS

Yee, Jia C. and Karla D., IRS

Commercial Mail Services Inc., IRS (2)

Westrich, John W., IRS

Patterson, Geraldine and Marshall T.

Lone Star Industries Inc. (2)

RSA Security Inc.

Welch, Lloyd A.

Browne, Jason M.

Shackelford, Rebecca J. and Ronald J.

Mazzio's of Jackson Inc.

Woodard, Bobbie A.

Blumenberg, Karen L.

Atilgan, Hakan

Miller, Gregory S.

Miracle Supply Co. Inc. (2)

Salcan, Nalan

Yalcin, Murat

Hubbard, Melissa D. and Scott D.

Jackson, Jill J. and Michael L.

Carpet & Floor Center

Sinn Mechanical Service Inc.

Jarrell, Patti A.

Stanfield, Michael S.

Stone, Lola C.

Amerigas Eagle Parts & Service Inc.

Buck, Patrick

Buck, Tamara Z.

Demopoulos, Amalie

Fullenwider, James E.

Margarita Mama's

Martin, Irene

Merriwether Investments Inc.

Broadbent, Juanita D. and Marvin K. (deceased)

Beard, Kathy L.

Tip 'N Ring Communications Inc.

Gremard, Brian R.

Loya, Augustin and Maria

Progressive Dental Expressions (5)

Scott County

Tax liens and lien discharges recorded at the office of Tom Dirnberger, recorder of deeds, during the month of November are filed by the Missouri Department of Revenue, except as indicated by IRS designation. For more information, contact the recorder's office at (573) 545-3551.


Americana Companies

Angel Wings Express LLC

Baker, William F.

Beck, Gerald L.

Becker, Kevin, IRS

Bootheel Excavation Inc.

Burton, Lindell J.

Cannon, Richard

Chappell, Latron K.

Chidester, Melvin R. (3)

Clover, Carl W.

Cook, Gary

Cook, Ryan C. and Victoria H.

Cross, Lindsay D. and Sarah N.

Culbertson, Barbara A. (2)

D&T Carpet Inc.

Dannenmeuller, Judith A.

Davis, Ronald F. and Janie R.

E.E. Dement Farms Inc. (2)

Doan, Richard E. and Laura E.

Dohogne, Kenneth J. (deceased)

Doley, Scott M. and Denise L.

Duncan, James W. and Teretha L.

Eniva Corp.

Essentially Yours Industries

Eubanks, April

First Choice Healthcare PC

Fox, Sherry L.

Garrett, Lester L.

Gilmore, Kenneth D. and Kerrie R.

Glastetter, Leslie G.

Griffin Insurance Agency Inc.

Hammon, Dewayne K.

Harrison-Simmons, Tara, et al

Hopper Roofing and Construction

Howard, Luella

Hunt, Ignatius B.

Irions, Patricia K.

Jackson, Ader M.

Jeremiah's Inc., IRS

Johnson, Helen

Johnson, Summer K.

Kinsey, Greg H. (2)

Kinsey, Lawrence

Knight, Bobby E. Jr.

Lay, Robert D.

Lee, Charles M.

Linhart, Jerry D.

Looney, Everett

Luttrell, Derek

Manufactured Home Center Inc.

Marico Inc.

Mark Sander Construction Co. (2)

Markland, Charles E. Jr. and Rebecca R.

McBride, Barry

McMullin, John T., IRS

McMullin, John T. and Judith A., IRS

Menz, Maria E.

Meyer, Michael L.

Morris, Will M.

Newstar Inc. (2)

Peters, Robert M.

Polley, Joshua D.

Presley, Calvin L.

RA K Inc.

Ramos, Roy, IRS

Rataj, Leigh A.

Reeves, Akera J.

Rhoden, Cletus L.

Rhodes, James L. and Betty A.

RMS Charleston Inc.

Roberts, Theodore W.

Roberts, Theodore W., IRS

Robertson, Dennis R. and Virginia M., IRS

Roslen, Thomas L. and Deborah S.

Russell, Beverly J., IRS

S and K Famous Brands

Sadler, Laurel A. and Michelle M.

Sauceda, Miranda D.

Schrum, Shelly L.

Show Me Transporter

Simmons, Brad et al

Simmons, Brad and Tara, IRS

Smith, Eric S. and Ella B.

Soares, Michael W.

Strickland, Wanda D.

Vikings USA Bootheel MO 482

Ward, Daniel B.

Weatherspoon, Michael, IRS

Wells, Kathie

Williams, Darrell

Williams, Shane

Wilson, Lola

Woods, Larry and Sandra K., IRS

Wright, Arthur C.

Yates, Eric


Allen, Tami

Carlisle, Loren K.

Davis, Carla D.

Irions, Patricia K.

Isaacs, Victor E. and Patricia, IRS

Kinsey, Greg H.

Lone Star Industries Inc.

Mendoz, Everardo A. and Cheryl L.

Ozarks Optical Laboratories Inc.

Roberts, Theodore W., M.D., et al, IRS

RSA Security Inc.

Rudisill, Cheryl

Sikeston Dry Cleaners and Laundry et al, IRS (3)

Sikeston Medical Center LLP, IRS

Sikeston Medical Center LLP et al, IRS

Taylor, Charles M. and Mary L., et al, IRS (3)

Tumbleson Inc.

Stoddard County

Tax liens and lien discharges recorded at the office of Kay Asbell, recorder of deeds, during the month of November are filed by the Missouri Department of Revenue, except as indicated by IRS designation. For more information, contact the recorder's office at (573) 568-3444.


Cox, Mark A. and Tresa, IRS

Beavers, James W. and Kimberly D.

Advance Powersport Inc.

Bien, Eric W.

Clover, Carl W.

Cummings, Otis S.

Fisher, Samuel J. (2)

Hovis, Atisha

Hoyer, James R.

Jolly, Tina L.

Kennedy, Herschell M.

Malloy, Ladon

Watkins and Sons Funeral Services Inc.

Wethington, Thomas

Sanders, Mark W. (2)

Sloan, Jimmy L.

Sloan, Jimmy L. and Sharon A.

Cecil, Alice C.

Helm, Larry G., IRS

Helm, Larry G.

Powe Farms, IRS

Clifton, Gary D.

Sauceda, Miranda D.

Shake, Melanie

Bollinger, Jonathan S.

Cole, Dwight E.

Eniva Corp.

Fornkohl, Jason R.

Gadberry, Donnie

Glass, Joshua A.

Hill, Ronald D.

McCormick, Jane D.

Myers, Mark W.

Rogers, David

Strauser, Ben E.J.

Copelands Val U Air

Malloy, Jeffery

McGowen, Deborah

Peters, Robert M.

Cloninger, Derrell L. Jr.

Evans, Bill A.

Haddock, Tommy J.

Long, Huey P.

Martinezmendez, Leonel

Cookson, Brian L., IRS (2)

Welty, Theresa L., IRS

McMillen, Roy T.

Easy Cash

Lay, Robert

Mayos Pioneer Seed

McAdams, Charles

T.H. Transport Inc.


Cox, Steven J. (3)

Cecil, Terry J., IRS

WW Transport Inc., IRS

Cantrell, Susan K.

Snider, Keith A.

Ozark Opticals Lab Inc.

Wheeler Brothers Inc., IRS

DW and SW Farms, IRS

Fluharty, Kevin L.

Murphy, Timothy R.

Lowrey and Lowrey Inc.

Perry, Broward B.

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