Monday, December 20, 2010

Bankruptcies filed through November for the Southeastern Division of the Eastern District of Missouri's U.S. Bankruptcy Court are listed below with their corresponding case number. The Southeast Division includes the counties of Bollinger, Butler, Carter, Dunklin, Madison, Mississippi, New Madrid, Pemiscot, Perry, Reynolds, Ripley, Scott, Shannon, Stoddard and Wayne. Court is held in Cape Girardeau.

Bollinger County

Yount, Julie A.11459
Davis, Shawn P. and Angela L.11474
James, Robert H.11479

Northern, Donald J. and Carolyn S. 11517

Webb, Roger D. and Deborah A.11519
Massey, Silas D. and Barbara A.11546

Butler County

Wagner, Betty L.11423

Inman, Corbin D. and Jennifer 11431

Bonifacio, Amie11432

Moore, Jason P. and Christy D. 11440

Callahan, Randall S. and Deborah D. 11442

Albers, James F. and Christie C.11446

Chambers, Donna J. 11471

Williams, Terry D. and Tiffany D.11472
McNamee, Jerry W. and Mary L.11494
Phillips, Steven D. and Nicole L.11496
Morgan, Jerry A.11510
Harris, Phillip A.11515

Matthews, Monique L. 11533

Trout, Debra K.11539

Whitmer, Gary L. and Rose M. 11547

Anderson, Douglas L. and Stacey A. 11556

Cape Girardeau County

Bartlett, Michael A. and Angela M. 11429

Snyder, Ronald E. and LaWanda J.11430
Goodson, John P.11435

Sander, Robert S. and Anna A. 11441

Reed, Nina F. 11443

Bazzell-Wilke, Kim S. and Allen S. Wilke11450
Benson, James A.11451
Bower, Debra J.11452
Terry, Cheryl K.11460
Cagle, Shelly L.11462
Dougan, Michael H. and Tonya N.11465
Robinson, Fred E. and Marcella L.11473
Harris, Chad L.11475

Griffith, Gerald W. 11484

Rauh, Michael W. and Peggy J. 11492

Hendrix, John T. and Tonia A. 11495

Mazumder, Manzur A. and Rebaka S. 11497

Newberry, Ralph P. 11498

Clark, Harley D. and Veda W. 11514

Shanks, Melinda A. 11520

Sander, Mark R. and Alexia M. 11521

Cowgur, Shellee J. 11523

Friedrich, Kristin A. 11525

Marvel, William J. and Nicole M. 11548

Niedbalski, Stephen E. 11550

Hamilton, Salena11552
Wentz, Darius E. and Jennifer M.11553

Carter County

Turner, Paul W. and Tanya L. 11505

Black, Daniel L. and Tamara G. 11540

Dunklin County

Troutt, Cody G.11434
Lesslie, Tonya A.11453
Gunter, Jason E. and Amanda D.11454

Rickman, Curtis D. 11455

Bailey, Judy M.11456

Benson, Regina A. 11457

Swinford, Ricky M. and Susan R.11489
Gribble, Lisa K.11501
Karlish, Deborah11529
Hickok, Billie11530

Huckabee, Larry L. 11531

Hulett, Greg11532

Madison County

Davis, Shauna M. 11424

Todd, Robert J. and Brandy C. 11427

Stevens, Robert S. and Denise L. 11428

Nielsen, Vickie L. 11436

Queen, Holly J.11437

Tinnin, Benjamin L. and Angelika M. 11439

Morgan, James A. and Julia M. 11444

Couch, Winthie N. 11463

Cook, Julie A. 11480

West, Robby J. and Melissa L. 11513

Mississippi County

Triplett, Willie C. and Francine 11477

Atchison, Diana11482

Shockney, Chester E. 11538

Porter, Phillip and Rose A. 11542

Meyer, Kathy L.11551

New Madrid County

Swiney, Jeffrey K.11458
Westmoreland, Melissa A.11461
Stultz, Rhonda J.11469

Amerson, Leon and Lola A. 11544

Pemiscot County

Norrid, Amy J. 11528

Kulpeksa, Joseph M. 11543

Perry County

Reed, Matthew L. and Toni A. 11425

Runge, Charles E. and Kimberly A. 11478

Ratcliff, Ronald W. and Rachel R.11486

Weibrecht, Fern R. 11503

Brake, Joseph W.11524

Shemonic, Leo A. 11535

Ray, Timothy E.11549

Reynolds County

Stroup, Holly R.11438
Asher, Clinton L. and Gertrude L.11493

Ripley County

Collier, Barbara11447

Scott County

Boze, Angela N.11433
Crites, William E. and Theresa L.11445

Chapman, Cheri D. 11449

Cray, Michael S.11464
Childers, Daniel J. and Barbara A.11467

Watson, Mack E. and Sanet L. 11468

Worley-Griffin, Lisa S.11476

Mansker, Allen C. and Susan E. 11481

Myers, Laura A.11483
Crews, Jeffery D.11485
Tyler, Jonathon C. and Amy M.11488
Estes, Clint A. and Christine M.11490
Krapf, Stanley T. and Danielle R.11491
Stokes, Edna11499
Scapino, Justin F. and Kathryn L.11500
Smith, Robert S. and Sherry L.11502
Triplett, Derick A. and Rebecca L.11506
Cabral, Joseph R. and Mary C.11516
Shy, Barbara D.11522
Williams, Billy J. and Janet I.11526
Plain, Leslie L. and Rebecca M.11541
Leavitt, Richard W. and Janet L.11545
Cox, Joyce M.11555

Shannon County

Steward, Haribu R. 11557

Stoddard County

Oglesbee, Edward M.11448
Taylor, Scott A.11470
Cecil, Terry J.11487
Reed, Jimmy D.11504
Bunch, Walter J.11507
Franklin, Gregory D. and Lisa A.11508
Mims, Terry R.11509

Sanders, Justin D. 11511

Tucker, Donna K. 11512

Bennett, Jerry D.11527

Fincher, Joshua A. 11536

Bailey, Floyd G. and Mary F. 11537

Tellman, Michael D. and Dana J. 11554

Wayne County

Thurston, Linda L. 11422

Hancock, Jerry R. and Karen Y. 11426

Scrivner, Larry D. and Terry A. 11466

Roberson, Gerry D. 11518

Cookson, Alvin D. 11534

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