Letter to the Editor

Smoking rights

Friday, December 17, 2010

How many years have we worked to keep this country free? What is the difference between living free and living in a communist state? Are we headed there?

I know if I were a business owner and was told I could not allow smoking in my business, I would fight for my right to run my own business. Please don't come to my business if you don't like smelling smoke.

It's such an irritant when people come in, smell smoke, complain the whole time they are there and then "boycott" the business. Why not go to another location when you first notice the establishment allows smoking? It is just like saying that nonsmokers have more rights than smokers do. This is not so.

I grew up on a tobacco farm. I never have smoked, but I believe anyone who does smoke is the same as me.

Those who do not like smoke should quit complaining and simply go somewhere else.

JOICE ANN WHITBY, Cape Girardeau