Letter to the Editor

Joy in our hearts

Friday, December 17, 2010

JO to the World and PEACE on Earth to all! No, this is not a typo.

The sign in our front yard reads "JO" since someone stole our Y. As a greeting to all who pass our house during the hectic Christmas season, we display the words "JOY" and "PEACE." It is a reminder to ourselves, and others, that this season has little to do with presents and food but much more to do with Christ.

God, wanting us sinners to have a relationship with him, sent his son. That is the greatest gift of all. We pray that the Y thief will come to believe this.

And dear thief, should you knock on our door you will receive no condemnation but instead, home-baked cookies, milk and the sharing of where true joy comes from.

We may no longer have "JOY" in our yard, but we do in our hearts.