Out of the past 12/16/10

Thursday, December 16, 2010

25 years ago: Dec. 16, 1985

The resignation of Jackson alderman Sharon Brammer from her Ward 4 seat highlights one of the briefest meetings ever conducted; Brammer says she "needs the extra time" to devote to her job as an insurance agent.

The Missouri State Medical Association has announced that a Cape Girardeau physician, Dr. Theodore J. Glenn, will receive the association's Physician's Recognition Award.

50 years ago: Dec. 16, 1960

Owners of 40 tracts of land on the right of way of proposed Interstate 55 in Cape Girardeau County are notified in a legal advertisement in The Missourian that condemnation proceedings have been filed against them in circuit court at Jackson; the suit was filed against all property for which the State Highway Department doesn't have deeds in hand.

The entire Burrough family estate, including the home place and 215-acre tract on Bloomfield Road, will go to Katherine Lewis Taylor of Union County, Ky., according to the will of the Kenrich Burrough, the last surviving member of the immediate family; Taylor is a cousin.

75 years ago: Dec. 16, 1935

The Christmas tree market hasn't changed much since a year ago, but some dealers say they are slightly cheaper than 12 months back; the prices range from 25 cents for the tiny ones to $2 for the "big family" size trees; cedars and spruce are being offered, the latter mostly from California.

Joe L. Jones and son O.W. Jones have closed their restaurant at 713 Broadway for the winter season; as is their custom, they will keep the place closed until the weather becomes warm, possibly in April.

100 years ago: Dec. 16, 1910

Earnest Caldwell of the Egypt area across the river knows a good thing, so he came over to Jackson and bought six Cape Girardeau County mules, paying $1,200 for them.

Members of the Jackson Eastern Star visit their counterparts in Cape Girardeau; those visiting the Cape Girardeau lodge are Dr. and Mrs. D.F. Sadler, Mrs. Charles Williams, Mrs. L.M. Bean, Mrs. Lillie Wilson, Mrs. Fannie Jenkins, Mrs. E.G. Sibley, Sarah Davis, V. Gladdish, Mrs. G.W. Yount and Leon Clippard.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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