Letter to the Editor

Beautiful Christmas concert

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I went to Central High School's Christmas Concert held last Tuesday night. It was a beautiful concert. What touched my heart is the fact that this was a true Christmas concert. This was not a holiday concert or a winter concert -- it was a Christmas concert, in celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. It was so refreshing and beautiful to be able to enjoy true Christmas music in the celebration of Christ.

Thank you so much Mr. and Mrs. Casey, Mr. Lamar and Mr. Keys. Thank you to all the young adults who so beautifully entertained us. In a world where Jesus is being pushed aside and all things having their roots in Christianity being ripped away, what a wonderful way to bring Christ back to where he belongs.

I could feel his spirit there in the gym on Tuesday night, and I just know he was smiling on all of us.

LARRYN COLEMAN, Cape Girardeau