Speak Out 12/9/10

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Smoke risk

EPA research indicates that the lifetime cancer risk from wood smoke is 12 times greater than from an equal volume of cigarette smoke.

Where's marriage

WHERE has marriage gone? Of the seven birth announcements in a recent birth announcement section, only one couple was married. Some announcements in the past list the mother as having six or seven children. No wonder our country is in such dire straights. Who is supporting these children?

Party of no

THE Republicans are definitely the party of no. Now they are saying no to allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire and further damage a weakened economy. The Democrats claim to be for the middle class, but while they pursue their liberal ideas and take care of their union bosses, they leave millions of middle class people unemployed and on the brink of losing their homes.


MY husband and I feel that the ban on a few chickens in our backyard was a hasty decision by a few people that don't care to do this. We plan on moving in the near future out of the city limits to be able to have our "girls" that we enjoy so much. However, this is not financially possible for a lot of families. How sad that the opportunity to teach responsibility to children will be lost.

Ban needed

AFTER the latest report that secondhand smoke kills 600,000 people annually, you would think there would be no question about banning this nasty habit in public places that about 20 percent of the population imposes on the other 80 percent.

Smokers' rights

ARE nonsmokers' rights not to smoke more important than the smokers' rights to smoke? That's what America has come to on every issue. Women have a right to kill babies, as long as they are in their stomach. Gay people have a right to force pastors to marry them, even though it is against their faith. Stores can take my money for Christmas items, but they can't say Merry Christmas.

Scripture reference

PRESIDENT Obama will endure during his time of trials and tribulations and take solace in the passage from Ecclesiastes, "And I saw that wisdom surpasses folly as light surpasses darkness."

Unjust criticism

THESE Southeast Missourian syndicated columnists who criticize Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke (one of those who helped save our country from complete financial collapse) are absolutely paralyzed with fear that his latest steps will lead to a more rapidly improving and, perhaps, robust economy prior to the presidential election of 2012.

Bad database

FOR months now, my husband has been getting Medicare supplement offers from insurance companies in the mail. The problem is that my dear husband passed away four years ago, and it is upsetting to me to be getting all this mail in his name. You would think that if these companies have access to records about his age, they would also know he is no longer living.

Smoking in Tunica

WE go to Tunica four or five times a year. I was there a month ago and there was smoking in the Horseshoe, Gold Strike, Roadhouse, Sam's Town and Harrahs Tunica.

Smoking debate

THIS nonsmokers petition boils down to one simple fact: Nonsmokers want the right to take away the business owner's right. They already have the right to refuse to frequent any business that allows smoking. They don't have the right to tell the business owner that he or she has to accommodate their wishes.


I have been diagnosed with chronic bronchitis. I have lots of allergies and have tried many medications per my doctor's recommendation. The one that works the best for me is Claritin D. I do not mind signing for it when I buy it, but it would be inconvenient and more costly for me to always have to have a prescription. I am offended by the allergist's comments in the newspaper that said you can just use other medications for the "sniffles."

Constitution question

SOMEONE wanted to know where it is written that "... the federal government has the authority to help pay for electric motors used by independent businesses." Check the commerce clause and Article I, Section 8, Clause 18. In the eyes of the courts, it's right there.

Reagan vs. Obama

IF Ronald Reagan was president, he would deal with the WikiLeaks situation quickly and firmly and protect the interests of the United States. President Obama will do nothing. He will posture and will lower his voice a couple of octaves as he talks tough, but in the end, he will do absolutely nothing.

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