Speak Out 12/8/10

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dangerous policy

GLENN Beck wants all federal workers' salaries limited to the level of the average American. This would be extremely dangerous. For example, our federal air traffic controllers are a highly skilled group selected from a larger pool of applicants. We live in a country where high skill is generally rewarded with a matching salary.

Help schools

MR. Nenninger got it right in his recent column published in the Southeast Missourian. Everyone should help in the schools if they can.


BICYCLE riders need to stop riding on county and city roads. If they can't go the speed limit and follow the rules that vehicles follow, then they should stay off the road.

Smoking dangers

SMOKING should be banned in public places. It not only does great harm to the smoker, but, as just released evidence incontrovertibly shows, it causes great risk to those breathing secondhand smoke.

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