Making Tasteful Creations One Jar at a Time

Monday, December 6, 2010

Kelly Creative Creations is once again making their seasonal gift jars. The high school students of Kelly Creative Creations get together daily to discuss ideas and make their products. The gift jars contain seasonal treat ingredients that include soups, cookies, and brownies.

While working in the group, the students gain knowledge and experience as well as job skills. The students perform money transactions when dealing with customers and the public. Sophomore L.J. Sanders, stated that "Social skills can help you get a job." The students also had the opportunity to cost compare and buy their own ingredients based on a budget. The students learned valuable marketing skills, when advertising using flyers and word of mouth. They learned how to plan transactions in the forms of graphs and charts on the computer. This project and organization is a great way for students to learn various skills needed for their future.

The students work together to layer jars with different ingredients of the gift jars. They make Three Bean Soup, Spiral Soup, Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Chocolate Brownies. One ingredient at a time, they measure out the ingredients and place them into the jar. Then, the lid is screwed on with a decorative cloth and is ready for delivery. "It takes teamwork," said senior Paige Otradovec. This group is a dedicated team that works great together to make these tasteful creations one jar at a time!

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