Speak Out 12/3/10

Friday, December 3, 2010

Smoking right

SMOKING is my right. It is not someone else's right to decide what I can do. If I want to smoke, I will smoke. This is America, not Russia. If I want to smoke and take the risk of killing myself with lung cancer, that's my decision. If you don't want to be near my cigarette smoke, then don't come near me.

Cable TV

I agree with the Speak Out comment that said we have poor choices on television. All of the good shows were taken off basic cable. Now you can't get the Hallmark or Game Show channels. Please put them back on basic cable. We can't all afford to pay the higher rate to get HDTV.

Health care poll

WE should not take serious anybody's opinion on the health care polls. I just had a foreigner call me, and I couldn't hear what she was saying. I didn't answer several questions because I didn't know what she was saying.

Waste of money

OUR federal government has an emergency program to get landowners to pump water onto their rice fields. This is so geese will have a place to live and not get oil on their feathers from the oil spill. This is just another federal project to spend money where it really is not needed.

Drinking age

I think 18- and 19-year-olds should be counted as adults. If they're able to carry a gun and fight for this country, they're able to drink beer and be responsible as adults.

Finding cures

I read that there is a pill to reduce the risk of HIV infection. Isn't it strange that anything to do with sex they can find a cure, but they can't find a cure for breast cancer. Something's wrong.

President's address

EVERY president since George Washington in 1789 has made Thanksgiving Day proclamations urging the nation to give thanks to God for our many blessings. But not President Obama. He gave no reference to God.

Black Friday

SOMEONE was quoted in the Southeast Missourian Black Friday story that she was not above grabbing something out of someone else's cart. This is low and kin to stealing.

Democrat Hoover

THIS last election was the largest turnover in the House of Representatives in modern times. The Democrats lost more than 60 seats, more than Herbert Hoover lost during his presidency. I say that Obama is the Democrat version of Hoover.

Thanksgiving eve

A special thanks to the young couple who helped get my car out of the mud on Thanksgiving eve. I was stuck, and my cell phone was dead. The couple stopped in the thick fog, loaned me their cell phone and proceeded to free my car. May God bless you. I am thankful.

Freeze bills

ALL of our insurance bills -- home, health and auto -- have increased this year. All utility bills have increased as well. Since 1999, our real estate taxes have increased over 41 percent. During this same period, Social Security only increased 30.2 percent. Without a cost-of-living increase this year and none to come in 2011, I think it is time all these bills are frozen for seniors.

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