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Friday, December 3, 2010

I'm a planner. I like knowing about things and going to them.

Luckily, the nature of my job keeps me updated on the latest events and community get-togethers. I'm constantly looking at the calendar and planning advance stories and coverage of concerts, plays, musicals and the like.

I understand, though, that some people don't have that luxury. They rely on unreliable friends who randomly know that something's going on or wait for a Facebook invite or just don't seek out the information and blindly stumble upon bands or events.

Well, I'm here to show you the light -- and what's going on -- on a semi-daily basis, delivered to you, neatly packaged and full-color in your inbox every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

The SemoEvents Newsletter (name-change pending; e-mail me your ideas) will feature a few highlighted events for the day and maybe a few future events to look out for.

Occasionally it will give you a sneak peek at the upcoming SE Live sections.

Even if you skip over the news and my little greetings each day, if I can enlighten you to one or two events to expand your evening plans, I'll be happy.

But don't blame me if you find yourself inundated with options and flipping a coin to narrow it down.

For instance, Friday you could hit up the art galleries, the River Campus for Fall for Dance, the VIP Home Tour with Jeff Lewis and a few other choice events that you'll find out about when you sign up for the newsletter.

I admit, not every day holds that much excitement. On those days, I'll fill the awkward gaps with a joke.

For my jokes, entertainment events and general calendar knowledge, visit to sign up for the SemoEvents Newsletter (name-change pending).

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