Speak Out 11/30/10

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hunting land

THE land that was mentioned in a recent Speak Out comment is the flood land beside the Diversion Channel. To my knowledge it was never open for public hunting, only by written permission. The trespassing laws were not enforced until those who were hunting on the premises began to destroy the levee ground with their ATVs. This is why the area was shut down.

Great performance

MS. Huck and Dr. Oliver led the Jackson junior high and high school students in a fabulous concert recently. It is gratifying to see the creativity the youth culminate with the support of the staff, community and parents.

Bike safety

WE'RE supposed to share the roadways with bicycles that don't have lights. However, the recent fog was the worst we've seen in a while. People driving on Missouri highways have to do a minimum speed to not get a ticket. Why don't bikes have to do the same?

Scanner controversy

THE "junk" searches and the use of body scanners may be overlooking some obvious gaps in airport security. Yes, we have built a better mousetrap, but are we failing to anticipate the mouse's next move? Consider the drug cartels use of "mules" to smuggle illegal drugs or the hiding of explosives inside printers. Israeli-type security measures have been successful and would likely be more effective against the body cavity strategy.

Christmas, not holiday

I saw that Paducah, Ky., has changed the name of its Christmas parade back to "Christmas Parade" instead of "Holiday Parade." I admire them, and I hope that Cape Girardeau doesn't succumb to such cowardly things as using holiday instead of Christmas, as some of our merchants have. They're trying to take Christ out of everything.

Thank you

I want to thank the fifth-grade class in Scott City who came to my home and raked leaves. The teacher and students were all so pleasant. You all did a great job. Keep up the good work. Thanks again.

Poor programming

WHATEVER happened to good, clean programs like Carol Burnett, Dean Martin, "I Love Lucy," "The Waltons," Lloyd Bridges and Ralph Cramden? Now it's all centered on sex. There is no family programming.

Pray for freedom

WAKE up, America. Our American way is being taken away from us in an effort to move toward socialism. Pray for our country's safety and the continuation of freedom.

Haiti support

I cannot believe the comment questioning why we were so quick to help Haiti. We were not at all quick to help Haiti. I wonder how much cholera could have been eliminated if they had received the funds promptly from the U.S. We should be ashamed for how long it took our country to get the money there after the earthquake.

Craft shows

I think it is sad that all of the vendors at the craft shows are trying so hard to sell their products and people are walking out empty-handed. That shows you how bad our economy is. These poor vendors travel all the way to Cape Girardeau to try to sell their items, and they're just not selling. I wish that the Holiday Inn Convention Center would start having their craft show again. They used to have such nice crafts there.

Smoking and casino

I'D like to know why they're trying to pass the cigarette smoking ban. How about the boat that's going to come to Cape Girardeau? People like to smoke and have a good time when they're gambling.

Medicaid checks

I agree with the Speak Out comment regarding the young girls wanting to go out and have babies. A baby is a lot of responsibility. All they have in mind is the monthly check that will follow. Let them have one check but not for three or four children. Think about all the old folks who won't receive a Social Security raise. Everything goes to Medicaid.

Light problem

I wish the city of Jackson would fix the traffic lights at the intersection of Branding Iron, Jackson Tire Center and Donna Drive. I've sat at that intersection for two or three stop lights and watched the light turn green for every direction except for the one I was going.

Tunica and smoking

IN Tunica you cannot smoke in the casino, and the place is packed every time we go there.

Chicken law

I think the chicken law should be repeatedly brought up like the sewer tax was. This issue was continually brought up, and now we've got water in the basement, a new water park and 40 new go-carts. It wouldn't hurt a thing to have four or five chickens in the backyard. I don't think the city council should tell us what we can and can't have.

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