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Speak Out 11/28/10

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Special interest

IT is beyond sickening that the Missouri Legislature is so in the hands of Big Pharma that we must go community by community to ban over-the-counter substances containing pseudoephedrine.

Wild west

I am against peripheral zoning. At the recent meeting, the residents of this area were told by a city official that this has come about because the of the residents of Whispering Oaks who live near the wild west show. It seems that the wild west show was there before any subdivision.

Generous community

TO the lady who generously helped me at Food Giant recently when I was without checks, I wish you and your loved ones a very special Christmas season. The love you have shown encourages others to help their fellow man when there is a need. God bless you.

Thanks, Central

THANK you, Central High School, for the Friday night senior dance and refreshments. We all had a great time. It was great to see the students enter in and learn our style of dancing. Thank you also for honoring the veterans.

Beautiful parks

VISITORS as well as locals entering Cape Girardeau from Interstate 55 on Kingshighway enjoy the well kept and pretty park area on both sides of the highway. Thank you to the park maintenance department.

A casino entrance?

DOES this push by the city of Cape Girardeau to get control of the out-county area have anything to do with putting in new roads to get to the new, elusive casino?

Chickens and zoning

IT'S a shame that Mr. Nelson Sparks can't keep a few chickens in his own yard. And what's worse, after having them for seven years he was told he could keep them, and then the city changed its ruling and said he would have to get rid of them. This is exactly why the out-county does not want the city of Cape Girardeau in our business. No to peripheral zoning.

Food drives

I'M really proud that people donated 13 truckloads of food to the local food pantry. However, doesn't Channel 12 realize that this was also the week the Boy Scouts were collecting food all over the area?

Congressional salaries

I agree with Linda Reutzel's letter to the editor about Congress making the first economic sacrifice. Let's all contact our representatives and senators and request that they cut their salaries and benefits.

Smoking policy

SAINT Francis' policy on smoking is going too far. Smoking may not be the best thing for a person, but telling you what you can do on your own time at home is wrong. What will be next? What you eat, how you live, how you dress, what religion you belong too? Not smoking on their premises would be fair and would not be getting too personal.

Jensen column

MIKE Jensen's otherwise magnificent column arguing that the bipartisan deficit commission's report should not be dismissed was ruined when he referenced Rush Limbaugh.

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KFVS does not care about the Boy Scouts collecting food that week, they are Live Local and Leg Breaking and if I hear that once more I'm gonna scream. I switch channels a lot or mute, how disgusting.

-- Posted by Dexterite1 on Sun, Nov 28, 2010, at 6:05 AM

Congressional salaries --- Congress should have ObamaCare shoved down it's throat just like the public has to ...


Smoking policy --- ..ha! St.Francis will be losing future customers with this ruling...


A casino entrance? --- did i miss something , was the city of Cape Girardeau awarded a casino ?


Chickens and zoning --- chicken & dumplins are good eating..

-- Posted by ...Rick on Sun, Nov 28, 2010, at 6:45 AM


I like you (whoever you are), and I appreciate your opinions but...

You are constantly bashing the healthcare program, and I would like to know why...

Have you read the entire program? Do you have something specific that 'ticks' you off? Are you afraid that it is setting a precedence that frightens you? Are you feeding off the scare tactics of some other radicals? Do you sell health insurance?

-- Posted by Theorist on Sun, Nov 28, 2010, at 8:03 AM

They have created a fear that is based on nothing''

World-renowned pulmonologist, president of the prestigious Research Institute Necker for the last decade, Professor Philippe Even, now retired, tells us that he's convinced of the absence of harm from passive smoking. A shocking interview.

What do the studies on passive smoking tell us?

PHILIPPE EVEN. There are about a hundred studies on the issue. First surprise: 40% of them claim a total absence of harmful effects of passive smoking on health. The remaining 60% estimate that the cancer risk is multiplied by 0.02 for the most optimistic and by 0.15 for the more pessimistic ... compared to a risk multiplied by 10 or 20 for active smoking! It is therefore negligible. Clearly, the harm is either nonexistent, or it is extremely low.

It is an indisputable scientific fact. Anti-tobacco associations report 3 000-6 000 deaths per year in France ...

I am curious to know their sources. No study has ever produced such a result.

Many experts argue that passive smoking is also responsible for cardiovascular disease and other asthma attacks. Not you?

They don't base it on any solid scientific evidence. Take the case of cardiovascular diseases: the four main causes are obesity, high cholesterol, hypertension and diabetes. To determine whether passive smoking is an aggravating factor, there should be a study on people who have none of these four symptoms. But this was never done. Regarding chronic bronchitis, although the role of active smoking is undeniable, that of passive smoking is yet to be proven. For asthma, it is indeed a contributing factor ... but not greater than pollen!

The purpose of the ban on smoking in public places, however, was to protect non-smokers. It was thus based on nothing?

Absolutely nothing! The psychosis began with the publication of a report by the IARC, International Agency for Research on Cancer, which depends on the WHO (Editor's note: World Health Organization). The report released in 2002 says it is now proven that passive smoking carries serious health risks, but without showing the evidence. Where are the data? What was the methodology? It's everything but a scientific approach. It was creating fear that is not based on anything.

Why would anti-tobacco organizations wave a threat that does not exist?

The anti-smoking campaigns and higher cigarette prices having failed, they had to find a new way to lower the number of smokers. By waving the threat of passive smoking, they found a tool that really works: social pressure. In good faith, non-smokers felt in danger and started to stand up against smokers. As a result, passive smoking has become a public health problem, paving the way for the Evin Law and the decree banning smoking in public places. The cause may be good, but I do not think it is good to legislate on a lie. And the worst part is that it does not work: since the entry into force of the decree, cigarette sales are rising again.

Why not speak up earlier?

As a civil servant, dean of the largest medical faculty in France, I was held to confidentiality. If I had deviated from official positions, I would have had to pay the consequences. Today, I am a free man.

Le Parisien

-- Posted by harleyrider1978 on Sun, Nov 28, 2010, at 8:45 AM

(Reuters) - Around one in a hundred deaths worldwide is due to passive smoking, which kills an estimated 600,000 people a year, World Health Organization (WHO) researchers said on Friday.

harleyrider1978, here's the link to the data that was released this week:


-- Posted by concerned4all on Sun, Nov 28, 2010, at 9:42 AM

Theorist ,

i don't like the health care for lots of reasons ...i don't understand why this had to be done first under the new administration/Congress when the economy was tanking out .

the people who don't have insurance now , a big part of them won't have it later...you can't make a person do a dam thing if they don't want to..

it's not really a health bill , it's more an insurance industry bill..doctors and hospitals will still charge $10 for a band aid , this won't change...

i could go on but these are just my opinions 'cause i'm too lazy to look up websites..

-- Posted by ...Rick on Sun, Nov 28, 2010, at 10:01 AM

Lets give the smokers a break, if it wasn't for them paying the taxes on cigarettes our taxes would go up. Also,to cut down on second hand smoke make it a law that smokers will have to wear respirators that way they will suck back their own smoke.

-- Posted by semo471 on Sun, Nov 28, 2010, at 10:11 AM

Theorist: "Do you have something specific that 'ticks' you off?"

I do not like Obamacare either. We were TOLD that "If you like your policy, you can keep it" but that is not the case....congress and the president LIED, and the letter I received the other day from BCBS proves it.

I HAD an insurance policy I was happy with. I did the whole shopping around thing and bought the coverages I wanted, and didn't buy coverages I didn't want.

Now (thanks to Obamacare), I have co-pays when I go to the doctor. I also have other new insurance-pays-out-before-my-deductible-is-met features to my policy. These are all features that I COULD have had before IF I WANTED THEM, had I chosen to purchase a more expensive policy which offered those coverages. I did NOT make that choice, however, because insurance is NOT SUPPOSED TO PAY FOR ORDINARY, EXPECTED, DAY-TO-DAY EXPENSES. Insurance is asset protection, in the event of a MAJOR, UNEXPECTED setback in life....a major sickness or injury. Your car insurance doesn't pay for tune-ups, nor does it pay for tires, brakes, or any other "wear & tear" item...yet that is what Obamacare requires of medical insurance. ALL of those coverages come at a price...so when you include those coverages, the premiums go up.

I HAD great insurance...which was everything I wanted at an affordable price. Now, my premiums will be going up yet again...more than they ordinarily would have...and possibly to a level I do not wish to pay. If I don't want to pay the premium, I won't have insurance and Obama can kiss my rear end, because I won't pay their penalty either. The mandate exceeds the Constitutional power of the federal government over free citizens.

-- Posted by dixietrucker on Sun, Nov 28, 2010, at 10:21 AM

Yeah - if we lived in a country where everyone could vote for our leaders, then things would be different...

-- Posted by concerned4all on Sun, Nov 28, 2010, at 1:12 PM

Insurance companies have had you paying for what you don't need/want for years. Only one of our employees wives is still able to have children, the rest are either too old, have had tubes tied etc however in order for that one employee to have maternity coverage all of our employees are charged for it as well as we can not drop it if anyone needs it.

Insurance companies are also still making a fortune off of pre-existing condition clauses. yes now they will cover them immediatly instead of a 12 month waiting period however for the first year the premium is higher.

When it comes to insurance it is a loose-loose situation. Either you pay for the things you don't need and have insurance OR you don't have insurance and pay even more.

Now many doctors are even demanding the co-pays for surgeries etc upfront. My daughter goes next week for the last surgery to repair a congential heart defect and for the first time in the 12 years we have been dealing with this we had to pay all non covered expenses before the surgery. Guess they got tired of providing service with no pay.

-- Posted by semoangel70 on Sun, Nov 28, 2010, at 1:16 PM

Theorist: better question ask ...Rick aka adman how good his government shoved down his throat health insurance has been to the body he abused by decades of drinking and smoking

i was disabled 4 years ago-- Posted by Rick... on Wed, Oct 1, 2008, at 6:49 AM

i've paid into SSI my whole life and i don't feel

guilty about getting it back now...nope , not at

all-- Posted by Rick... on Wed, Apr 1, 2009, at 6:12 PM

-- Posted by ho ho ho on Sun, Nov 28, 2010, at 1:28 PM

I have had the same insurance for many years, yet this year I was informed that although the company did not change; same name and relatively same premiums, my coverage has been reduced to the point where I have to take out a second insurance policy from another vendor to provide the same coverage I had only one year ago. I guess you could say I don't like the results of the new health care bill and I don't need to read the whole darned thing to know it.

-- Posted by Acronym on Sun, Nov 28, 2010, at 1:31 PM

hey y'all , i want ya to meet my very own stalker , aaaaaaaaahhhhhh ....

aaaaaaaaahhhhhh is basically harmless as stalking goes , never has an opinion , just cuts and pastes stuff..

-- Posted by ...Rick on Sun, Nov 28, 2010, at 2:37 PM

Insurance companies have been raising each year our health insurance premimums this has been going on at a constant pace for many years now long before the health care reform bill was passed. Health insurance cost in this country is out of control regardless whether you like it or not. The health insurance industry is one of the largest money making "gigs" full of fraud and bottomline greed we have in our society. There is no reason why these prices need to be what they are, and furthermore affordable health care should be made available to each and every american. With the health care reform the health insurance industry has found another way and excuse to raise your preimuims. Wake up people this industry needs to be reformed and overhauled.

-- Posted by swampeastmissouri on Sun, Nov 28, 2010, at 2:50 PM

Well let me put it this way...The insurance company is not your friend!

I bet I die, (insurance company) I bet you don't...pay me!

Next month...I bet I die, (insurance company) I bet you don't...pay me!

If I die? We all lose!

Same with health care. If you have trouble with your insurance company, it is because they are trying to make more money and using the new health care as a catalyst, a reason.

-- Posted by Theorist on Sun, Nov 28, 2010, at 3:37 PM

that is what you get for voteing rep. just wait you will really be crying, after 8 years of bush you could'nt wait to get in the rear again.

-- Posted by tipsi on Sun, Nov 28, 2010, at 4:47 PM

You have the right to the best health care you can afford to buy. In order for health care to be a "right", SOMEONE has to pay for it...which means someone (i.e. health care worker) is either being forced to give up their time (involuntary servitude was outlawed by the 13th Amendment) or else the property of others (taxpayer) is seized in order to pay the health care worker for services rendered to the person who would not pay for their own health care.

Nobody has argued that our health care system is perfect. Obamacare, however, was change for the WORSE.

-- Posted by dixietrucker on Sun, Nov 28, 2010, at 5:43 PM

I am opposed to the requirement that prescriptions be required to get cold and allergy medicine that is currently over-the-counter.

I don't want the inconvenience and expense of having to get a doctor to write a script when my nose starts running.

-- Posted by bobby62914 on Sun, Nov 28, 2010, at 7:19 PM

Until people quit expecting a free ride everytime they turn their heads, sueing these companies just for a few extra bucks, we the people are going to have to deal with these rates. Now, if you think your insurance healthcare is bad, wait until everyone jumps on the Obama/Hillary band wagon healthcare. Your two hour waits at the doctor's office will look like a day at the amusement park.

-- Posted by It's Realdeal on Sun, Nov 28, 2010, at 9:04 PM

Have you read the entire program? Do you have something specific that 'ticks' you off? Are you afraid that it is setting a precedence that frightens you? Are you feeding off the scare tactics of some other radicals? Do you sell health insurance?

-- Posted by Theorist on Sun, Nov 28, 2010, at 8:03 AM

Number one: Federal workers or members of collective bargaining groups (unions) and a few others have been exempted from this. (AKA bought and paid for)

Number two: Cadillac plan tax.

Number three: 1099 reporting. (this is crazy)

number four: The numbers are wrong and it is now going to cost us more.

This is enough right now.

-- Posted by We Regret To Inform U on Sun, Nov 28, 2010, at 9:20 PM

RIP Leslie Nielsen; your humor and antics will be enjoyed for years to come.

-- Posted by LiveAnotherDay on Sun, Nov 28, 2010, at 9:40 PM

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