Speak Out 11/28/10

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Special interest

IT is beyond sickening that the Missouri Legislature is so in the hands of Big Pharma that we must go community by community to ban over-the-counter substances containing pseudoephedrine.

Wild west

I am against peripheral zoning. At the recent meeting, the residents of this area were told by a city official that this has come about because the of the residents of Whispering Oaks who live near the wild west show. It seems that the wild west show was there before any subdivision.

Generous community

TO the lady who generously helped me at Food Giant recently when I was without checks, I wish you and your loved ones a very special Christmas season. The love you have shown encourages others to help their fellow man when there is a need. God bless you.

Thanks, Central

THANK you, Central High School, for the Friday night senior dance and refreshments. We all had a great time. It was great to see the students enter in and learn our style of dancing. Thank you also for honoring the veterans.

Beautiful parks

VISITORS as well as locals entering Cape Girardeau from Interstate 55 on Kingshighway enjoy the well kept and pretty park area on both sides of the highway. Thank you to the park maintenance department.

A casino entrance?

DOES this push by the city of Cape Girardeau to get control of the out-county area have anything to do with putting in new roads to get to the new, elusive casino?

Chickens and zoning

IT'S a shame that Mr. Nelson Sparks can't keep a few chickens in his own yard. And what's worse, after having them for seven years he was told he could keep them, and then the city changed its ruling and said he would have to get rid of them. This is exactly why the out-county does not want the city of Cape Girardeau in our business. No to peripheral zoning.

Food drives

I'M really proud that people donated 13 truckloads of food to the local food pantry. However, doesn't Channel 12 realize that this was also the week the Boy Scouts were collecting food all over the area?

Congressional salaries

I agree with Linda Reutzel's letter to the editor about Congress making the first economic sacrifice. Let's all contact our representatives and senators and request that they cut their salaries and benefits.

Smoking policy

SAINT Francis' policy on smoking is going too far. Smoking may not be the best thing for a person, but telling you what you can do on your own time at home is wrong. What will be next? What you eat, how you live, how you dress, what religion you belong too? Not smoking on their premises would be fair and would not be getting too personal.

Jensen column

MIKE Jensen's otherwise magnificent column arguing that the bipartisan deficit commission's report should not be dismissed was ruined when he referenced Rush Limbaugh.

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