Speak Out 11/19/10

Friday, November 19, 2010

Casino smoking

TO nonsmokers: The new casino will have one floor. Your entertainment area will allow smoking. The smokers won't have to go to the bar or outside.

Christian radio

I listened to a local Christian radio station yesterday hoping for a little inspiration. I learned that apparently God is a white, conservative, southern, narrow-minded, pro-American male. All other viewpoints are not only erroneous but also dangerous. No wonder people are turning to other religions. Could we please get back to the message of Jesus?

Election message

CUT spending and no new taxes. Apparently the administration is oblivious to the recent election.

Gambling comparison

BINGO World is getting a great deal of its income from old folks and welfare recipients. But that's OK because it's run by groups that use the proceeds for their schools. The casino will be no worse.

Mold sign

MOLD on the side of a building might be a warning sign. My children were ill more when they attended Jackson Middle School than any other year.

Housing Death Panel

THE Obama debt panel is eyeing the possibility of doing away with the mortgage deduction. Given the current state of things, maybe they should change the name to the Housing Death Panel. Given the current state of the housing industry, this could well be its death.

Thanks to hospital

I would like to thank the employees of Southeast Hospital. My husband was an employee there for 10 years. On Nov. 4, we had his funeral. We were allowed to drive the funeral procession in front of the hospital on the way to the church. When we turned onto Lacey Street, there were close to 300 people lining the street to say goodbye to my husband. It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. We were all very touched and thankful for the honor bestowed him.

Thank you

A very special thank you to the people who paid for lunch for me and my grandson at Pie Bird Cafe. That was very gracious. God bless you.

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