Speak Out 11/18/10

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Journet is right on

I hope everyone read Alan Journet's Nov. 9 article. I agree 100 percent that our democracy is in jeopardy -- the worst it's been in history since Karl Rove, American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS funneled millions of dollars to the GOP candidates.

Smoking ban

I'M a nonsmoker who sees no reason for a citywide smoking ban. The city is essentially nonsmoking anyway. How many grocery stores, hospitals, retail outlets and office buildings are there in our city where a person can light up?

Ban alcohol

I recently read that a group in Cape Girardeau is trying to ban smoking in restaurants and other similar places. How about alcohol? Could we also abolish alcohol in restaurants where minors could be present? The obnoxious behavior of people after they've been drinking is quite embarrassing to parents with children.

Nonsmokers rights

A recent headline highlighted smokers and some business owners who believe a smoking ban violates their rights. What about the rights of the nonsmokers? Smokers can go most anywhere outdoors and smoke, but when you're inside a restaurant, you don't have a choice.

Entertainment coming

It will be great to sit back, listen and observe the convoluted rationales of erstwhile deficit hawks like Rand Paul as they rail against the draconian, but necessary, recommendations of the bipartisan tax commission.

Four Loko

MISSOURI remains first in meth lab busts. I also predict Missouri will be the last state (assuming it ever does) to ban Four Loko and other potentially deadly beverages mixing alcohol with high levels of caffeine.

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