The Pact

Friday, November 12, 2010

I was speaking to my son on the phone one morning while driving to work. He talked about his day coming up at school and I talked of my day working in prison. As the conversation came to a close I said, "I love you...have fun...bye". He replied he loved me too and as I reached for the button to hang up a mental bell went off in my head and I caught him before he could hang up. I said like, "Son, we went through about 10 minutes of talking about our day ahead of us and not once did either of us talk about God, his word or his love. Let's make a pact together, that when we hold a conversation and forget to bring up God, you remind me and if you forget to bring up God, I remind you. This way, God will be present in all our conversations." He agreed and we made a pact.

I then hung the phone up and made my other son the same deal. I called my daughter making the same deal with her. Riding high on the idea that my family was on track with me concerning God, I went to work that day and began sharing this pact with co-workers at work whom I knew believed. They all expressed that it was something they would be interested in doing with their children (who has them)and that it was a 'neat' idea. I must have shared this story at least a couple of dozen times with both co-workers and inmates when (as I was telling the story yet again) another mental bell went off in my head. I could see so clearly into Jesus' heart. This was his pact he had within himself. To put God in the middle of every conversation. To bring God into the midst of all that he did.

If we as believers make a pact with other believers we know, to try and bring God into all our conversations, we would form a network of ever-self-strengthening proportions, and the neat thing is, we don't have to vocalize our pact to anyone. Only God. Our pact is our personal commitment to keep him ever present in our words, and by making pacts between ourselves we bring into play a spiritual check and balance that will pay off again and again. This, like for Jesus Christ, should be our daily pursuit. We should all have this pact whom believe.

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