Monday, November 15, 2010

Bankruptcies filed through October for the Southeastern Division of the Eastern District of Missouri's U.S. Bankruptcy Court are listed below with their corresponding case number. The Southeast Division includes the counties of Bollinger, Butler, Carter, Dunklin, Madison, Mississippi, New Madrid, Pemiscot, Perry, Reynolds, Ripley, Scott, Shannon, Stoddard and Wayne. Court is held in Cape Girardeau.


McCall, Jackie J. and Neena C.11272
Mungle, Edward L.11350
Coffee, Michael S. and Kimberly L.11374
Anders, Jennifer N.11404


Swesey, John R.11283
Sater, Michael T.11288
VanCleve, Victoria L.11308
Digges, Jacqueline A.11346
Leone, Linda A.11348
Hodge, Carla C.11352
Cole, David R.11372
Kingery, Drew L.11375
Huckabay, James L.11378
Baker, Mary E.11382


Knaup, Thomas B.11268
Barnum, Brandon L. and Elizabeth D.11276
Tillman, Darrell L. and Julie F.11278
Knight, Jamey T. and Amy J.11292
Davis, Rosemary11293
Boyd, Barbara A.11296
Fouts, Freeman C.11303
Criddle, Steven E.11305
Menz, Cynthia11306
Perry, James W. and Carla R.11313
Parker, Ruth L.11315
Compton, Howard R. and Teresa A.11316
Randol, Patricia A.11317
Mouser, Misty D.11318
Luker, Michael L.11321
Lentz, Tamara D.11329
Proffer, Robert M.11332
Garner, Ronald B. and Jennifer E.11347
Foster, Amanda F.11353
Rehm, Andrea D.11354
Hendricks, Charles T.11357
Kiefer, Samson L.11358
LaBruyere, Rashanne L.11359
Edwards, Reuben E. and Ruby J.11362
Stevens, Kirk R.11365
Scheffer, Robert M.11366
Reynolds, Ronald J. and Jennifer L.11367
Fitzgerald, John D. and Jane E.11368
Cobb, Steven R. and Glenda J.11369
Sweet, Donald R. and Rebeca S.11371
Koehler, Kenneth R.11380
Odegard, Melissa A.11381
Wilmarth, Carissa L.11391
Williams, Jennifer M.11393
Garrett, James A.11394
Oliver, Amanda J.11395
Rosado, William11397
Jones, Michael W. and Sheila A.11398
Moore, Barry W. and Lana D.11405
Russo, Matthew T.11416


Huggins, Randy L.11284
King, Norma L.11311
Veath, Anthony J.11327
Bailiff, John R. and Tammy M.11388


Andrews, Judy F.11291
Burgess, Sonny and Donna D.11319
Hall, Jeanette A.11322
Moore, Larry11335
Johnson, Jarrod W. and Christy L.11336
Lofton, Sandra B.11339
Spencer, Lisa M.11340
Pemberton, Kenneth D. and Brenda L.11386
Hersey, Robert11387


Mills, Dennis S. and Kathleen A.11312
Skiles, Russell A. and Michelle L.11417


Hutcheson, Avery L. and Danyelle S.11290
Pike, Richard P. and Cecelie E.11326
Hartwick, Cecil S. and Barbara A.11343
Pierce, Jerry L. and Tammy R.11345
Davis, Sharon11392
Henderson, Terri K.11411


Adams, Michael E. and Laura L.11269
Parks, John L.11286
Faries, Richard D. and Teresa G.11310
McLard, Carol L.11325
Vent, Jeffery L.11331


Fenimore, Jerry D. and Jane S.11300
Glass, Johnny and Brenda11334
Lucy, John11337
Borders, Jerry and Cora L.11338
Smith, Danny W.11360
Byrd, David G.11364
Smith, Kelly M.11400
Hostler, Kali Joe A.11406
Houston, Vickie L.11407
Ramirez, Robin S.11408
Rushing, Benjamin T.11409
Tyner, Mary A.11410


Mahnken, Doyle L.11294 Kasten, Allen A. and Kathleen M.11328
Stortz, Edward C. and Trisha L.11419


Martin, Larry L. and Teresa C.11289
Gordon, Doyle N. and Barbara L.11320
Bass, James L. and Olivia G.11399


Parker, Johnny E. and Beth A.11309
Kelly, Darlene F.11384
McCollumn, Deborah E.11396


Crawford, Mitchell L. and Pamela A.11270
Beasley, Barbara A.11274
Isenhower, Danny L. and Glida B.11275
Sauceda, Nathan L. and Sarah E.11277
Griswell, Johnny R.11285
Pate, Deborah K.11287
Tucker, Kevin L. and Debra S.11297
Riley, James P. and Dodi J.11301
Lape, Peggy J.11307
Rowe, William F. and Sandra L.11314
Rodery, Kenneth A. and Brenda J.11330
Brant, Judy11341
Daub, Rebecca K.11342
Hazel, Robert D. and Barbara A.11344
Richmond, Kimberly S.11351
Phelps, Teresa K.11363
Biggs, Imogene11373
Nave, Kenneth D. and Sherry S.11379
Comstock, Andrew B.11383
Walker, James R. and Jane M.11390
King, Lydia L.11401
King, Kevin D.11402
Webb, Darryl A. and Sandra F.11403
Tucker, Jackie D. and Frances A.11412
Stewart, Tiffany L.11413
DeRoush, Deborah A.11414
Bailey, Harvey L. and Sharon K.11415
Lutes, Charles D. and Zelma M.11418
Arnold, Fleta J.11420
Boze, Angela N.11421


Hubbert, Ruben C.11267
Skinner, David C. and Barbara J.11271
Burns, James D. and Amy L.11273
Ellison, Larry J. and Becky D.11279
Morgan, Cheryl A.11280
Powell, Marlon B. and Robin D.11281
Welch, Donald J.11282
Neeley, Jennifer M.11295
Liden, David M.11298
Masters, Joshua A.11299
Pettit, Ray D.11302
Dodson, Kenneth D.11304
Killian, Marty J.11323
Wills, Ronald L.11324
Mays, Derek W.11333
Gray, John M.11349
Stearns, Ronnie L. and Linda R.11355
Welty, Ronnie D. and Lori A.11361
Jones, Kathy11376
McCormick, William L. and Belinda K.11377
Musgraves, Randall A.11385


Dearin, Ellen M.11356
Byers, Tina L.11370
Crum, Travis J. and Rhonda L.11389
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