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"The picture above is from the Senior Class of the Cape Central Marching Tigers.This group of seniors have been a part of a very successful Competition Band program.In the 4 years they have been involved in the band they helped achieve 1st place in 27 of their 31 competitions. Also, during this timeframe the band was recognized as having the best music 13 times, best visual 7 times, best percussion 5 times, best soloist 2 times, best Drum Major 2 times and best color guard 6 times. Thanks to the past and present band members, parents, and sponsors. A special thanks to the Marching Band Directors Neil Casey, Billy Keys, Josh Lamar, and Dina Strickert Casey for building a lifetime of great memories while teaching them the importance of hard work, discipline, teamwork and all of the other values that will make our kids successful in their adult lives."