Courtney Reinagel

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Notre Dame softball team's season recently ended at the final four tournament in Springfield, Mo. However, the team learned a life lesson this year in addition to improving its softball skills.

Senior Courtney Reinagel defied odds this season as the one-handed softball player not only played on the Notre Dame softball team, she earned a starting position in right field.

Head coach Jeff Graviett told Courtney after her sophomore year that he did not expect her to start for the team. Nevertheless, the determined outfielder maintained a strong work ethic and earned a starting spot this season.

Navigating her disability has become unnoticeable for many watching Reinagel. She plays with her glove on her right hand, and after fielding the ball, she quickly tucks the glove under her left arm and throws the ball to the infield.

While Reinagel's determination landed her a starting position in right field, her father, Jeff Reinagel, also encouraged and worked with his daughter to improve her softball skills.

Courtney Reinagel is an inspiration to us all. Her story proves that a strong work ethic and determination are key to overcoming obstacles in life.

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