Gifted students

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Voters will go to the polls today to determine their elected representation at several levels of government. One issue that our elected officials must deal with -- both at the state and federal level -- is education.

While Southeast Missouri schools do an excellent job in educating the area's students, school districts have been forced to make difficult decisions on gifted programs.

No Child Left Behind was geared toward bringing those students at the bottom of the educational system up to the national standards set by the program. However, students in the upper echelon of academics may now see fewer resources to help maximize their academic potential.

The Cape Girardeau and Jackson school districts, despite the budget cuts, have been able to weather this storm and continue offering top quality programs for gifted students. However, gifted and talented programs are being cut nationwide.

While schools may face difficult choices, it's important that parents be proactive in their child's learning process. Whether it's requiring your student to read more at home or be involved in other academic, extracurricular activities, it's critical that parents participate in their child's education.

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