Speak Out 11/1/10

Monday, November 1, 2010

No chickens

Growing up in Cape Girardeau near Southeast Missouri Hospital, I had a neighbor who kept chickens. There were always rats and mice running around the chickens, and the smell sometimes got very bad. Please don't allow this in the city again.

NPR commentator

A recent speak out comment claiming NPR fired their only African-American voice, Juan Williams, was incorrect. There are several African-American program hosts and contributors working for NPR.

Mental illness

October is national mental illness awareness month, and no one seems to be aware of this. Many people do not know what a mental illness is and how it affects a person. Most people only know how mental illnesses are portrayed in the media and movies, which is an incorrect stereotype. People with a mental illness can achieve goals and be successful. Many have an IQ score that exceeds the average person.

Church and state

The Speak Out comment that stated the Constitution does not contain the statement "separation of church and state" was correct. However, the author of the comment was wrong in the interpretation. Our forefathers came to this country for religious freedom. This statement did not mean that Christians could not be involved in government. Our founding fathers even held church services in the Senate and White House.

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