Community spirit puts out fire

Friday, October 29, 2010
From Left, Scott County fire volunteer, Frankie Gaul, Iona Evans and Dave Evans

On the 29th October, at approximately 3:50pm a trailer home on County Highway 507 caught fire. First on the scene were Terry Berry, Dave and Iona Evans after they heard exploding ammunition followed by a several explosions, black smoke soon started to bellow into the sky. Iona Evans, a fencer from New Zealand and also her husband Dave Evans ran to where the smoke was surfacing. Upon arriving to the scene the fire was underway and explosions were rapid and the fire was furious. Within minutes all the windows shattered and the doors blew off the house. It was critical that they alert all neighbours. Their main concern whilst waiting for help was ascertaining if anyone was still inside. They did this by running and searching the neighbouring trailer for occupants. Shortly after their emergency call, the Scott County rural fire engine department arrived. Dave Evans back home in New Zealand is also the Fire Chief of the Akaroa Fire Department so his pro-activeness to help and assist the unrolling of fire hose encouraged more people to be involved in volunteering support. Frankie Gaul, manager at Tribute Farm also assisted with putting out the fire, he said 'I could see the black smoke from the farm, as I got there the ammunition exploding inside the house was really loud and then the doors blew off the building'. Within 10 minutes two more fire engines arrived to assist with the fire. The operation of putting out the fire was swift and professional and the support to put the fire out was encouraging. The cause of the fire is yet to be ascertained.

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