Speak Out 10/29/10

Friday, October 29, 2010

Casino revenue?

I read the Southeast Missourian editorial regarding the proposed casino, how many jobs it would create and how much money it would generate. We have had casinos in Missouri since the mid-1990s. Illinois has had them even longer. The state of Missouri is nearly broke, and Illinois is in worse shape. Where's all the revenue?

Political advertising

IS it legal for people to put vehicles on the street with big election signs in the window? There was a large truck in front of the Jackson license bureau on Sunday advertising to vote no on one of the propositions. I don't think that's right. If they want to put it somewhere, put it in their own yard, not in front of the license bureau.

Bad design

WHOSE idea was it for 20-inch-wide shoulders on the new Route W? The design is not conducive for bicyclists, especially with the rumble strip on the narrow shoulders.

Social Security cuts

WHY are Social Security, Medicare and other related items the first thing people want to cut from the budget? I get $520 a month from Social Security. If it wasn't for my husband getting a little extra in his check, we would not be able to make it. It's not that we didn't save, but when my husband's company went out, his retirement plan also went out. I wish other people would have to live on the cuts that they want us to live on.

Casino and taxes

I like the suggestion of using casino money to lower taxes. Let's cut everyone's school property tax in half and eliminate it entirely for the elderly. Lottery money is supposed to be used for the schools. Why can't casino money be used the same way?

Casino jobs

I find it hard to find jobs in Cape Girardeau, and I think having a casino here will help this in many ways.

Football music

I have attended Southeast's home football games, and the music is awful. The lyrics to the songs are derogatory. I would hate to take a child to the game and have them hear this kind of trash. I hope they will play a better selection of music in the pregame warm up for this weekend's homecoming game.

Casino closer to home

I sure will be glad if Cape Girardeau gets a casino. It will save us a lot of traveling to St. Louis, Caruthersville and Tunica.

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