Halloween costumes take inspiration from pop culture

Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween comes but once a year, allowing adults to tap into their inner child and enjoy some festivities while playing dress-up. Halloween parties will be peppered with faces from pop culture and holiday classics. If you haven't decided on a costume, SE Live offers some suggestions well as several Halloween-themed events where you can wear them.

Football player

What you'll need: This classic can take on many forms. Any NFL jersey will work if you stuff the shoulders.

Sell it: Tackle someone. We dare you.

Snooki from 'Jersey Shore

What you'll need: A few stores still have Snooki wigs, but black hair and a Bump-It work just as well. Pair it with a pout, the tallest heels you can walk in and the most revealing outfit you can handle.

Sell it: For the full guidette effect just yell. A lot.

The Situation from 'Jersey Shore'

What you'll need: Fake abs, a tank top and jeans.

Sell it: Raise your shirt and point instead of saying hello.

A Tea Party member

What you'll need: Glue a toy tea pot to a headband and wear red, white and blue attire with the cups and saucers glued to your clothing. Carry a sign with "We're As Mad As Hell and We're Not Going to Take It Anymore!" or "Restore America's Decency Laws!"

Sell it: Have your friends buy in and dress up, too. Then you'll really be a rally.

The White House-crashing Salahis

What you'll need: A red sari and blonde wig

Sell it: Where ever you go, keep telling people you were invited.

The Old Spice Guy

What you'll need: At the least, a white towel and a bottle of Old Spice, but we recommend something underneath, a strong safety pin and fake abs to go along.

Sell it: Pretend to be irresistible and drop the line "I'm on a stool" whenever you sit down.

Rachel from 'Glee'

What you'll need: Ballet flats, argyle socks, skirt and cardigan.

Sell it: Order drinks in song.

A Na'vi from 'Avatar'

What you'll need: A black wig with small braids and one big one, and lots of blue and yellow body paint. Wrap blue and black cloth around straightened coat hangers for the tail and sew it onto a pair of pants.

Sell it: Tell people you'd look better if they were wearing 3-D glasses.

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