Stoddard County city seeking half-cent sales tax

Friday, October 29, 2010

BLOOMFIELD, Mo. - The City of Bloomfield is reaching out to voters to approve a half-cent sales tax in the upcoming Nov. 2 general election.

At the Monday night meeting of the board of aldermen, the board discussed the issue and set out to explain why they feel the tax to be a necessity.

The board had cut spending in many parts of the 2009-10 budget, but has decided to ask for the additional sales tax in order to help avoid any future cuts in services.

"The city has experienced a decrease in almost all revenues, and this levy is for the purpose of covering those shortfalls," said Alderman Tom Bischof.

The board asked for all Bloomfield citizens to pull together during these tough economic times to help keep most of the city's services in place.

By requesting a sales tax, the burden will not fall exclusively on the citizens of Bloomfield. Many of the stores along Highway 25, where the majority of city sales tax is collected, attract travelers and commuters who make purchases that help in the collection of this levy, which will increase the income to the city.

By comparison, Bloomfield does have one of the lowest tax rates in all of the area. Currently, the tax rate in Bloomfield is set at 6.25 percent, with Dexter at 7.1 percent and Cape Girardeau at 7.975 percent. Under the proposed increase, the new rate in Bloomfield would be a total of 6.725 percent, still cheaper than each of the other communities where many residents shop.

On a purchase of $100, the increase would mean spending an additional 50 cents.

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