Rick Vandeven is the best candidate

Thursday, October 28, 2010

After watching the Missouri 8th District congressional debates, it is obvious there is only one candidate who is truly dedicated to peace, prosperity and the next generation: Rick Vandeven, Libertarian Party.

Rick has separated himself from the rest of the pack by courageously questioning issues such as the perpetual war on terror, the unsustainable welfare state and our antiquated immigration laws. He has distinguished himself from the other candidates in his support of the free market and defense of individual rights.

Rick is clearly not another populist pandering for votes. He has articulately presented positive solutions to problems such as the $13.5 trillion public debt, national security, scarce and unaffordable health care, unreasonable pollution, illegal immigration, corruption in campaign finance, excessive taxation, inflationary monetary policies of the Federal Reserve, unfair agricultural subsidies, an insolvent Social Security system, unfunded veterans' benefits and hot-button social issues like abortion and the rights of homosexuals.

Rick Vandeven would make a fine representative for this district, and I am proud to support him. Please join me in voting Rick Vandeven for U.S. Congress.

GREG TLAPEK, 1569 N. Cape Rock Drive, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701