Speak Out 10/26/10

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

City chickens

THE city of Cape Girardeau is not the place for chickens. I have enough trouble with barking dogs and people who allow their pets to use my property for a toilet. I can imagine the noise and the smell coming from a chicken coop, and I guarantee most people won't be very good at cleaning the coup. Next it will be cows for fresh milk.

Addiction help

WE have the Missouri Gaming Commission Problem Gambling Program, the Missouri Alliance to Curb Problem Gambling, gambling help line 888-BETSOFF, the Compulsive Gamblers Fund, the Voluntary Exclusion Program and Gamblers Anonymous. Could gambling possibly be a problem for people?

No to casino

DOWNTOWN Cape Girardeau is not struggling on Friday and Saturday nights. We went to Broussard's last Friday night and every table was practically full. If a casino comes to Cape Girardeau, downtown businesses on a Friday and Saturday nights may not continue to thrive. Cape Girardeau doesn't need a casino. We're doing just fine without one.

Cape farm

IF you're going to have chickens for fresh eggs, how about a cow for fresh milk. Let's make Cape Girardeau look like a farm.

Political commercials

I am looking forward to not hearing anymore political commercials. I am so sick of them.

Don't blame Bush

I hear people complaining about the eight years of former president Bush. I wish these individuals would go back to 2006 when the Democrats took control of the Congress and look at what the unemployment rate and the state of the economy was then. It wasn't until the control of Congress went to the Democrats and their tax-and-spend methods that the bottom fell out for our economy.

Playing politics

IT makes me sick to think that there are hungry children out there with parents looking for work, and the politicians are throwing billions at each other playing politics.

Slinging mud

I don't know how we are supposed to know who to vote for. The candidates are so busy slinging mud at their opponents that you can't tell what they stand for.

Liberal lecture

I recently attended the fall Athenaeum Series Lecture at Kent Library. The professor giving the lecture spoke about the inequality in America. I would like to know why some professors promote their liberal politics when many of our problems could be solved with common sense. They are always opposed to the FairTax. It appears their only solution is the redistribution of wealth.

Casino name

IF we do get the gambling casino in Cape Girardeau, I think they should name it "House of Horrors." The casino would horrify individual gamblers and their families -- especially the children.

Casino negatives

I wish the city of Cape Girardeau would be as enthusiastic about trying to fix the streets as they are about the prospects of a casino. All we hear about on the casino is how positive it's going to be. I'm sure there may be some positive things that come from the casino, but the problems the casino would introduce would outweigh the potential benefits.

Casino hype

I am so disgusted with all the hype about how the proposed casino will help Cape Girardeau. Our mayor and city fathers cannot see the forest for the trees. Any jobs will probably be minimum wage, at best, because the casino will bring in their own people for the higher-paying jobs. Our local eating establishments will suffer. The only thing going on in the downtown area will be the casino.

No on Prop B

What enforcement tools does Prop B have that will shut down puppy mills? Operation Bark Alert already shuts down illegal breeders. Prop B is just another set of useless laws that the illegal breeders will ignore. The real truth is that Prop B will regulate the good breeders out of business. Vote no on Prop B.

Phone booths

I have noticed that the phone booths have been disappearing in the Cape Girardeau area. Does this mean that the city is being cut off to those that may be stranded and passing through the city? Is this good for attracting business?

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